Infiniti I35 high mileage?

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hey guys, im currently looking at an 04 i35 with 75000 miles. the carfax is clean, and the car is in excellent condition, however i was looking for something with slightly lower mileage.

theres another 04 i35 witj 50,000 miles, however i like the looks and the price of the black on black 75000 miles on.

last but not least, theres also an 03 m45 with 70000 mi., which is also in excellent shape, and its the exact same price as the black on black.

my question being: am i jumping in too late in the game by purchasing a an i35 with that many miles? i know they're some of the most reliable cars on the planet, but will the car still run almost like new?

is there much of a difference in performance between the 50000 one and the 75000 one?

and the m45 is a beautiful car, but is it as reliable as the i35?

thanks guys.


  • hungshyhungshy Member Posts: 74
    Compared to mine that yours is still younger. I recently got mine 03' at 103,000 miles on. And I still feel it's the best car I have ever own. I had 03 saab, 09 Subaru Forester... I thik yours is the best bet. :)
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    when i bought my Infiniti I35 sport 6 months ago (had 100,800 miles) i had no idea what I'm buying. I red many many reviews and checked the JDpower ratings.... so the car wasn't looking bad at all.

    Since then i had to replace the cooling fan assembly. Cost me like 390$ but i got a brand new cooling fan i think that this car is reliable YES YES YES.

    Do i think that the car will brake again YES YES YES. But till then i can drive it may be another 50.000 miles.

    Keep in mind that you have to do preventive maintenance to your car. That means you have to spend at least 1000$ per year to keep it in good shape. If you do that you car will drive like new all the time.

    The dynamics and the power of this car are indisputable. And it has been much more reliable than all the Audi, VW, BMW, Mercedes or Acuras from 2002.
  • port80port80 Member Posts: 3
    I recenlty got 2002 - I35 and milage are 83,000 KM on it.
    Just wonder
    -what is high/max milage people are running i35?
  • atma97atma97 Member Posts: 47
    I got 125,000 miles on my 2002 I35 and expect to drive it up to 200k miles. I had sensors, spark plugs, ignition coils changed so it is still smooth running.
  • anncar79anncar79 Member Posts: 1
    I am considering a 98 I30 from a private owner for $2200. Looks like a brand new car, beautiful! I have never owned an Infiniti and am hesitant about the miles. What is considered too high on miles for this car IF it has been maintained the proper way?
  • pethelmanpethelman Member Posts: 20
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    I have had a 96 i30t 5 speed since 88K miles, now with 215K. Nothing but routine maintenance for 9 years. Also owned a 98 i30 from 140K to 170K miles, but sold it to purchase a 2002 I35. My experience is that you can pretty much make these cars run as long or even longer than you want them to, but you will likely have to be willing to live with some minor oil leaks and minor to moderate oil consumption. The oil leaks can be VERY expensive to fix, especially if coming from behind the timing chain cover.... step 1, remove engine. My 96 is now in need of a new clutch, very likely a new transmission (or at least a rebuild) and a new A/C compressor, however, the struts are still solid. I'm considering having all the repairs done to keep it going, just because it's probably one of the best mannered cars I've ever driven. Smooth AND tight, powerful but still decent mileage, incredibly responsive brakes (can't say the same for the 98), and loads of trunk space. Seriously, if the paint and interior is in good shape, for $2200 you could even have a low mileage engine installed and still come out in great shape compared to what else you could have in that price range.
  • rayraybonerayraybone Member Posts: 1
    I have 295,000 miles on my 97 I30t...still runs strong..its been leaking oil since 200,000. I have replaced alternator twice, starter once, and throttle position sensor....all the rest is routine maintenance... been an awesome, dependable car...they still offered me 1,000 for it when i bought an 03 I35.. but no, ill keep it for a back up car..I hope the I35 is as reliable...
  • jmwilson82jmwilson82 Member Posts: 3
    My 2000 I30 is having transmission problems: Whenever I drive more than 30-40 miles, the tranny kicks out of gear and will sometimes get back into a low gear, but usually not. I have to turn off the car and let it "rest" for 30+ minutes before I can drive it again for another 30 or miles. Has anybody else experience anything similar?
  • mikew83mikew83 Member Posts: 1
    I purchased my 02 I35 sport 3 months ago, and I'm still not sure if it was money well spent. The car had 115,000 on the odometer, and it's been problems ever since. I've owned many Nissan's in the past, and thought that by buying a dressed up Maxima it would be just as reliable, and easy to maintain. Let me just say, that's not the case. Before I could drive it home from the dealer, it had to have TWO new Mass Airflow Sensor's installed. Took it to Infiniti to have them look over the car, and they found over 6k (dealer price) of things wrong with the car. Mainly maintenance items. At 118k the Catalytic Converter went bad. WAYYY before its' time. The oil pan and oil cooler line were leaking and had to be replaced, and the car is idling about 200rpm higher than it should be either in park or drive... The oil consumption problem is just that, a BIG PROBLEM. From the previous owner running the car at low oil, it's developed a ticking noise. It doesn't affect the car or performance, but it's certainly embarrassing and noticeable. Every mechanic has told me to forget about it, and not to spend the 2K to open the block up and find out what it is, "It's not worth it, the car's fine!" they say... One day the Slip, ABS off, and VDC lights came on randomly, and now the ABS is really off, hoping it just needs new pads in the rear (I knew they were lower than they should be.) Now my problem this week has been tracking down the coolant leak.

    Now that being said, I just put $1k Goodyear Assurance Comfortread tires on it this week, and it drives like a dream! If you're prepared to replace a LOT of sensors, and do expensive maintenance, the I35 will last you far beyond 200,000... But it will feel like you're taking a German car to the shop every mile of that 200k. I love that ALL the seats are heated, the Navi (Even if it hasn't been updated since 2005,) the heated steering wheel, the rear sunshade, comfy seats, peppy acceleration, Bose stereo, and the VDC that comes with the sport package. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IT LOOKED AT BEFORE YOU BUY! And you'll be a very happy Infiniti owner indeed... I'm still hoping that mine will get me to love it again, and stop cursing the day I bought it.
  • atma97atma97 Member Posts: 47
    With 115k miles on this 10 year old car without a good maintenance record, you should expect a major work to restore the car condition. Sensors, ignition coils, spark plugs, belts, radiator, thermostat, valve cover gaskets need to be replaced. Flush and replace all fluid including steering, brake, coolant, transmission. You can do all at once at some discount repair shops ( some Asian shops in my area charge $40/hr rate) or DIY at home since it is easy to work on this car.

    My car has 180k miles. I just wait till 200k miles to do all of that instead of going out to put money down for a new car and to commit myself to a major monthly payment plan.

    I find and use some good fluids as conditioner for the car:
    - Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF Muti-Vehicle Formula for transmission.
    - K-Seals for coolant.
    - Re-Seal for motor oil.
    - Cataclean or Lacquer thinner for catalytic convertor.
    - CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner.
    - Seafoam.
    Your car will thank you for using them.

    For oil consumption, check spark plugs thread for trace of oil. If the thread is soak with oil, it is time for new valve cover gaskets. Also check for loosing clamps on oil hose at a location between oil filter and oil pan.
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