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04' LS V6 Not firing on 1 Cylinder

craziekeiichicraziekeiichi Posts: 4
edited June 2014 in Lincoln
I've got a 2004 LS V6 with just over 40k miles. I swapped out half the plugs a week ago (did not have time to remove the intake) and the car ran great for about 5 days.
About 100 miles from home the engine began to run really bad. It shakes like a monster, and on the way home it would randomly go into safe mode and all I could do was shut it off and try again.

Anyway... I found it it's the middle cylinder on the drivers side. I swapped out coil packs, changed the plug again, and it still doesn't seem to be firing. The plug/coil both have spark. No oil is leaking at all.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm about to rent a scanner and hopefully a compression tester.


  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Are you sure you put the wires back on the COPs correctly? My guess is you have other bad COPs - they usually go out in bunches.
  • The wires were put on tight, looks like everything is good. It's just the one cylinder that doesn't fire right. I pulled the COP's out of the other cylinders while the engine was running and noticed a huge drop in RPM. When I pull out the middle one, it keeps running the same.
    The pack was swapped out with a different one and had the same results.

    According to the scanner, Coils C, E, and F "Primary/Secondary Circuit Malfunction"

    It also said something about the TAC system being on, and that it was "Stuck" or something. Unfortunately I erased the codes before writing them down heh. Then restarted the car and scanned it again.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    May need to get a Lincoln tech involved - doesn't sound like an easy fix.
  • Replaced all 6 spark plugs and the 3 'Bad' Coils, still runs the same with the same codes.
    A compression test showed 120 on the cylinder that doesn't fire, and 130-140 on the two next to it. My method of checking may not have been the best though. I just pulled the plug and screwed the hose on, then started the car lol. Let it go for a few seconds and turned it off and red the results.

    Anyone have a clue?
  • :cry: I am having a frustrating time with my car....ok, it intermittently goes into fail safe mode and I can only coast until I'm able to shut it totally off and it starts right back up. I was told it was coils 5 & 6, I replaced them by going to AZ and purchasing new plugs as well...this worked for a short while and started shutting off again. I noticed that when I press the accelerator slowly but continuously, the rpm needle does not go beyond 3...any ideas?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Replace the other coils?
  • thank you for your response....I have not as of yet b/c I couldn't find a repair manual for my car with instructions on how to remove the intake valve...I was recently laid off and cannot afford to have the dealership put them in....I am thinking of taking it back for another diagnostic test to see if it is still reading the same coils.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Autozone, pep boys, etc. will usually read the code for free.
  • blustblust Posts: 5
    I had a misfire #6 spark plug, I replaced it.then # 5 had a misfire. I replaced all 6 cop's and spark plugs. still runs bad. the mechanic said it was the # 3 so he swithched the cop's and plugs around and it worked for a day...took it back and he said it was the cat. convertors. I replaced both passenger and drivers side and the FOUR 02 sensors upper and lower...he also replaced the fuel it shows a #2 misfire and he said he doesn't want to work on it any more and has done all he can do...any ideas?
  • Just to add another case hoping to attract more attention and find a solution: Here is my story
    * I have an LS V8 Sport.
    * First I get misfire on #7 and #8.
    * When I remove sparks on #7, and #8 I see lots of oil.
    * So i changed both valve cover gaskets with ford parts ($$$)
    * I also replaced all sparkplugs. And the COP at #7 and #8.
    * ....Then i get misfire on #5.
    * I decide to change COP on #5 and #6 (just to complete all COP on that side of engine)
    * ... Now I get misfire on #4 and #5!!!!!!!!!

    Now I'm thinking the issue are not the COPs. Need some suggestions fast.
    My card is riding VERY rough.

    Thanks in advance!
  • blustblust Posts: 5
    What kind of spark plugs did you put in? I put double platnium in mine and it ran rough...I took it to a lincoln dealer and they replaced them with Iridium spark plugs. Use oem plugs and cop's or it will run rough and the misfire's will move around.
  • Thanks,
    It will be costly to try, but
    I'm willing to give it a shot.
    I will update after I try it on the weekend.
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