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Ford Focus Hatchback ZX3 - Part VII

mznmzn Posts: 727
edited March 2014 in Ford
The cult continues... This group has applied for a
ZX3 Club in our Clubs conference. I'll keep you
posted on progress on that front. For those of you
just joining us, you can catch up on the
conversation by clicking here.



  • tickbittytickbitty Posts: 250
    price of the car has no bearing on lumbar support - my last vehicle was a 1990 BASE isuzu pickup with nothin' on it and it had excellent lumbar support. The reason these seats don't is undoubtably because of the nifty seat crank. If you have it cranked all the way up or down, the lumbar roll would be in an innapropriate spot for your back. So they had to keep it minimal. A cushion will work just fine for you, I bet. I hoped maybe in futur models they would add one of those bars behind the padding, that you could slide up and down to adjust.
  • cefurodcefurod Posts: 72
    Yes, Carlady blocked my last post on one of the Parts so i'm gonna be the first post here.
  • cahollancahollan Posts: 32
    The following is a quote from the Washington Post Metro section.....
    A woman was arrested yesterday after crashing her 2000 Ford Focus at an estimated 70MPH into the rear of a parked fire truck which was parked on the shoulder of a highway at the scene of an accident. The woman was charged with drunken driving in relation to the accident. The woman had to be extricated from the vehicle after the crash and is being treated for a broken femur (leg). Don't like the idea of drunk driving but.... 70MPH into a parked fire truck and only got a broken leg out of it, not too shabby....
  • cahollancahollan Posts: 32
    BTW...forgot to mention I got this off the Focus newsgroup.

    Not trying to take credit for it...
  • drebe73drebe73 Posts: 243
    Dre from Andre'
    Drebe a nickname given to me by friends, derived from that cartoon movie Bebe's Kids.
    Bebe' converted to Drebe'
    and 73 as in the year I was born.
    BTW I'm a guy.

    Now that that's clear, HOLY COW!!!! I'm so freaking out right now after reading that Norwaydoug had his car replaced. I don't know what to do. Doug who was it that actually made the decision to replace your car? I called Ford cust service and theyt said that they couldn't do anything for me and that she'd forward my complaints to the proper place. What ever!!!!
    please email me Doug at and let me know what the best thing for me to do.
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    Rallying is a real test of a car on the road? The majority of rallying is not even done on pavement, so I don't really consider the fact that they rally race the focus a true testament to it's real world driving, or even track driving. They don't rally race 360 Modena's either, that doesn't mean the Focus is a better car. Mustangs are involved in a lot more racing than ZX3s, and I'm not just talking about drag. Anyone know the slalom of the ZX3? All I can find from motor trend is the ZTS, which slaloms over 4 mph slower than the Stang.
    Yeah, the Stang does weigh more, but saying that that makes it 'harder to accelerate' isn't really accurate, since it's faster. Doesn't look like the ZX3 would beat the Stang in the slalom either, though it favors small cars much more than driving on an actual road or a track. The Focus R may be able to put up a better show, if it's ever available here, but the HP/weight ratio isn't the whole story. Find some torque stats and check the ft/lb/weight ratio. 220 HP Focus R isn't going to be faster accelerating than a stang, trust me. ZX3 wouldn't be far behind the stang? I've got to disagree with that. And as for Mustang drivers just wanting a V-8 and ZX3 drivers being people who 'get a kick out of driving' don't be insulting or ridiculous. A lot of Stang drivers are the most avid racing/performance driving car lovers I know.
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Posts: 337
    Is it me, or am I just getting set in my ways regarding product performance and quality? Perhaps we should consider a "ZX3 Old-Fart Exchange"!!!

    My wife has ordered her new ZX3 with my blessing. I've been involved in automotive sales and service training for 20 years here in Detroit. And I KNOW that when a vehicle generates this kind of response, it's going to be a seller!

    AHHH... But what about order and delivery tracking!!??

    Perhaps I've missed something, but I haven't seen anything in this exchange on how to track your order, buld and delivery status once you've taken the plunge.

    Not to disparage Ford, Chrysler or GM (I work for them all), but I've seen a relative lack of information in this discussion group on how ZX3 orders are tracked.

    I ordered a loaded Didge Dakota Quad Cab on April 4 via internet and phone. The dealer gave me a VON (Vehicle Order Number), and I called a toll-free number to confirm the order with Daimler-Chrysler. The CSR (Customer Service Representative) confimed the VON, gave me a VIN number, and indicated it was due to be shipped out on 4/26. I called Daimler-Chrysler again today... The CSR indicated that it had gone on a truck on 4/26, asked whether there was anything more he could do.

    I suggested that I was concerned about the options ordered... He pulled up the screen, we ran through the build, and we confirmed that the options I ordered were all included in the build. It will be in the dealership for prep by 5/1.

    My question? How am I to track the order, build and delivery schedules through Ford??? Perhaps I'm just "dumb" here... But has anyone been able to track their ZX3 from order through delivery? If so, HOW!!?? Granted, the "Hatchlings" are manufactured in Mexico... But it would seem to me that Ford would step up to the plate and give prime buyers the information they want!
  • drebe73drebe73 Posts: 243
    did you get the upgrades of the new car for free ie the power windows and stuff or are you paying more?
    I called the body shop and all they are waiting for is the hose.
    dont know if it worth fighting for anymore since it almost done. I am still going to write to that address that you posted and complain.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    Looks like an interesting device, but I bet your femur wouldn't stand a chance...
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    Sounds like DC puts Ford to shame in this area. Ford recently announced a partnership with UPS, which would enable them to use UPS' tracking technology to accomplish what DC already seems to have mastered.
  • pcleveland2pcleveland2 Posts: 516
    According to info from another web site, following are Ford Build Codes:
    01 = Order received at Factory
    02 = unscheduled/clean (order is correct-all correct codes)
    03 = Submitted to plan (scheduling personnel)
    04 = Scheduled
    05 = On assembly line
    06 = Produced
    07 = Released
    08 = Shipped
    09 = Arrived at Ramp

    Your dealer should be able to tell you the current code number thru his computer, if he's willing to take the time to do it. You should be able to varify the code numbers through dealer, as I cannot attest to correctness of them. Found them at "". I do not believe this info is copyrighted as if it is correct any Ford dealer would supply it to you, but I must give credit to where I found it.

    I almost think you can track thru Ford's web site.

    Good luck,
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Posts: 337

    Thanks for the info on status codes, but I'd be very reluctant to rely on the dealer to spend the time to track unless the salesperson got a hefty gross on the deal. I bought the Dakota at $200 under dealer invoice. And although it's a relatively high-ticket piece, the dealer was unwilling to take the time to track build/delivery status for me.

    Hence, I contactacted Daimler Chrysler's Customer Service Center's toll-free number... And the the CSRs were more than happy to provide me with updated information.

    The point is that when you've agreed to plunk down the cash (be it $14K or $40K), in this day and age, I think it's reasonable to expect to have a toll-free number, and to be able to track progress on the vehicle.

    I won't bad-mouth Ford (after all, that's who's paying my invoices right now)... But you (we) all should be able to track progress!

    For my own purposes through Daimler-Chrysler, my interest was in drawing a bead on delivery of the new truck so that I could properly time the sale of my existing vehicle. The CSRs were quite sensitive, and went out of their way to give me an accurate picture of where the vehicle is.

    Ahh well... Ford is doing a good job, and I won't dispute its "win" in bringing the ZX3 home to the domestic market. I will, however, say that Ford is lagging somewhat behind the other "domestic two" in connecting directly with customers. That, I am sure, will change.

    Any additional advice reagarding direct telephonic access to a Ford Customer Assistance Center on this matter will be appreciated!
  • norwaydougnorwaydoug Posts: 249
    Dear Drebe73,

    I will be the first to admit that I was very fortunate. However, I was persistent and I was strong and tough to be able to achieve the exchange of a new car. I talked to Ford all the time and complained.

    I did pay additional money for the new car since it has more options. I believe the price difference was 200 dollars.

    I would talk to the manager of the dealership. FInd out who the area manager is and contact him or her. Trust me, it was not a pleasant experience contacting these people every other day, but I did. I was not prepared to sit back and get under-served by a company that made 2 billion dollars profit in the last quarter.

    Obviously, if I was in your situation, I would be contacting them all the time and making my voice be heard. I really do not know how the decision came about. They were bouncing around numbers like 1800 dollars, but after I said it was unacceptable....they reduced it to a few hundred and then that is when I accepted.

    The deal was good. I did not question any further once I got what I wanted.

    Good Luck,

  • How much do vanity plates cost? what paperwork is neccacary. i'm thinking about ZX3 SOLO... what do you think?
    Ordered Zinc Yellow ZX3
    35% Tint All Windows
    Yellow Interior Trim
  • fgaydosfgaydos Posts: 319
    Congrats on your car. I'll look out for you in Philly. Saw a Sedan there yesterday. I was honking but she was too busy driving.
  • calico1calico1 Posts: 52
    Bravo, Norwaydoug! What more can I say? And, Drebe, my friend, we are all behind you, too, 100% plus!

    Vanity plates policies differ from state to state. I am having to wait until the end of the year to order mine, as the dealership can't do that and new plates are only printed once a year (bizarre but true Kentucky trivia!). Check with your county clerk or the registration people, and they will give you a form to fill out requesting three or so possibilities on vanity plates. Naturally, I fully expect (at year's end) to have plates reading CALICO!!!

    Again, congrats to Norwaydoug! Keep the streets of Philly fun for me during my (now 10 year and counting) absence!
  • catmomcatmom Posts: 42
    You make us proud!! Ford did what they should have done a long time ago. Be careful out there.
  • silverzx3silverzx3 Posts: 40
    Mustangs Suck. I could have bought a Mustang, price wasn't an issue. What is with their rear suspension? Are they still using the format developed for the fairmont? I do not think the Focus is a "I wanna be a Mustang when I grow up" kind of car. Before buying my Focus I considered a Civic SI, a Golf VR6, and a Subaru 2.5 RS all of these cars will blow my Focus away. BUT for the "fun factor" I couldn't resist the new weird & cool ZX3 body. When the ZX3s are a "dime a dozen" on the road I will buy the new Subaru WRX.

    I would take the Mustang Steve Mcqueen drove in Bullit, that was one kick [non-permissible content removed] car.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    Funny you should mention our old friend Mr. McQueen. Thanks to the marvels of digital editing and computer magic, Ford U.K. has a TV commercial for the new Ford Puma limited edition racer package that features some outrageous driving - with Steve "Bullitt" McQueen behind the wheel of the Puma! Very cool... makes me want to go out looking for black Dodge Chargers.
  • Sorry about the above Judas, and any mustang drivers in the audience, I got a bit carried away.
    Of course, rallying isn't the only test of a fun car. There are cars that are a lot of fun to drive which could never fit into the rally scene. That said, some of the most fun cars on the market here over for years have been rally cars. Just to name a few: the Lancia Fulvia, Stratos and the Delta Integrale, the Mini Cooper, Audi Quattro, and now the Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Evo VI and of course the Ford Focus. These beasts are serious fun on real roads. While there are off-road sections in many rallies, particularly the British RAC rally, most are run on the roads.

    Ferrari don't do rally cars, and that's a fair point, but they don't build Mutangs either.
    Is the Ferrari 360 Modena better than the Focus? Not if you're going to the supermarket to stock up for the week, it's not. Nor is it much use if you want to give a few friends a lift. The Ferrari is a very special car, but it is rather impractical as an everyday drive.

    I have no idea what the Mustang is like to drive. However, I find the idea of having a car with a 4.6L V8 producing only 260bhp excessive and wasteful. I'd take a reasonably powerful hatchback with a well designed chassis and suspension any day. They are so versatile and so much fun to chuck around, even well under the speed limit.

    By the way, a quick calc. gave Mustang 204,1bhp/tonne, Focus R 212,7bhp/tonne.

    I apologise again for my previous comments, they were uncalled for.

    Congratulations Norway on the new car. I don't envy you for the trouble you had to get it though. Happy driving and watch out for those deer!
  • jamers85jamers85 Posts: 100
    i ordered mine through the internet. i used searched and looked for NY STATE DEPT. OF MOTor VEHICLE. and there it was i was able to get my vanity plate in two weeks "TEAM ZX3".

    Congratulations on your new zx3 ! BTW can you provide us with the VIN number? Just in case they re-paint your old zx3 with something else like the popular ZINC YELLOW. Im sure they'll have a hard time replacing the vin number. Maybe it'll show up later in LEMON CAR
  • supagoatsupagoat Posts: 3
    Hi there, all. I just have to post my 'me too' message to the board! On Wednesday I picked up my nice and shiny Sangria red ZX3! It had 210 miles on it, and I put on a few more before driving it to Boston. Yeah, I know, not best for the breakin period, but I had to...

    I don't have too many complaints at this point... I miss not having an arm rest, and I heard a couple clunks in back, but I think they went away... Plus I just got a sun visor CD holder, so I'm all set there.

    I'm really amazed by how good this car is and the price it came at! With the college rebate, it's a really sweet deal!

    Anyway, I'll continue along on this forum as a proud ZX3 owner now! :)
  • Well, all I can say for Ford, it's about TIME!!! I'm glad they finally decided to get the matter solved and just give you a new car! Enjoy this one (and watch out for any more deer). I guess that goes for us all, be careful when driving our ZX3s, it may be a while before Ford has stock on all possible parts needed on the Focus.

    And Drebe, I hope you get yours back really soon too!

    I got 3000 miles this past week, am getting an oil change tomorrow. I will take it to JiffyLube instead of Ford, I am fed up with my dealer. Besides, I've been going to Jiffy for years and never once had a problem.

  • gmanzx3gmanzx3 Posts: 37
    The 2.0 liter Zetec Focus in the U.K. comes with 16-inch wheels. Any one know if there is a way to get them here in the U.S.A.? I would rather have those wheels as apposed to some aftermarket 16-inchers.
  • qualequale Posts: 5
    Was wondering if someone had a URL to a color swatch for the new zinc yellow paint. Also, the local dealers don't have any Foci in the twilight blue. Is it as dark as the rainforest green? How would you describe the color? I have second thoughts about the CD silver I've ordered.

  • bdshortbdshort Posts: 27
    I'd sort of like to change my guage faces so they are white. Anyone have any easy/cheap ways to do this?
  • zx3beastzx3beast Posts: 661
    sorry folks,but i have to travel back to the 60s
    muscle cars-when they were both powerful+fun to
    drive-all rear-wheel drive,of course.todays
    mustang is in no way the equal of the
    first car a 1970 1/2 falcon,with torino body-style
    351 cleve.engine+hurst 4 to drive.
    having said that-that car was actually laughable
    in terms of power in comparison to what was available on the road at that time.there is not that much to get excited about today.its amazing how much power is extracted from todays 4 has been said many times before the zx3 is an incredible well-balanced machine-thats why i opted
    for it over the sheer power it is not the mustangs or many other cars equal.however
    there are many other dynamics that make-up the total driving experience.performance is not based on hp. alone.i agree it is an exhilirating thrill
    to unleash the fury of a stang from a stand still on a straightaway,after that the thrill is drive a zx3 all day with a smile on your me and others that i have read here thats a
    performance factor rarely achieved at this price point or one costing thousands not trying to convince anyone that this car is better than
    another,to each his own.look carefully at the total
    picture of what others here have been enthused about. this group is fanatical about the zx3
    and for many intelligent reasons.they all reconized
    and outstanding value. its your time+money,i know we all spent it wisely with this purchase.thats my2
    cents worth .
  • zx3beastzx3beast Posts: 661
    i have to start proof-reading my post-apologies,
    i could just kick myself in the femur.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    You and I are thinking the same thoughts... I have a contact at a Ford dealer in the UK (I just ordered a set of "Europe only" door sill scuff plates that alf3 has already gotten for his car), but I haven't asked about those 16 inch wheels. I figure between the cost of the wheel, shipping, and the VAT, they would be prohibitively expensive... but I'll check anyway and post my findings.
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