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Front end whine at highway speed in'92 Sedona

bigsyis1bigsyis1 Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Kia
Our Sedona has 146K miles. Last week it developed a front-end whine when cornering to the left. Today we got 4 new tires and front end alignment. Now the whine is noticeable even traveling straight when at highway speeds. You can hear it diminishing as you slow down,
There has been no body damage or previous accident. Any ideas?


  • alfiedwalfiedw Posts: 3
    Bearing would be my guess. We ahd that on our 92 with 80,000 or so. I called it airplane noise, and it was only when the car/wheel was turning out to the right.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    +1 on front end bearings going bad.
  • bigsyis1bigsyis1 Posts: 2
    Thank you both for your input. It really does sound like airplane whine-I'd never thought to describe it that way. My husband things you all are on to something.
    Thanks again! :)
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