Chrysler Town & Country 2006 camshaft sensor replacement

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I own a Town & Country 2006 minivan. The check engine light went on, the engine stutters and the check indicates the camshaft sensor is malfunctioning. The autoparts shop wants $400 for parts & installation.

I saw the parts online for about $50 and my question is:
1. How do I replace the camshaft sensor myself? Where is it located at?
2. Will any part that's fits my cars' model do, or do I need a specific brand?



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    1. The camshaft sensor is located on the front side of the engine, probably on the top, and senses the location of the camshaft by way of magnets mounted on one of the camshaft pulleys. It is a critical component of the timing; if it is malfunctioning, you are lucky if the engine continues to run! I am not sure of the exact location on these vans (what engine do you have?), but it should be obvious when you have a part in hand to which you can compare sensors mounted on the engine. Overall, it should be about a ten to twenty minute job unless Chrysler has this sensor buried in the engine somewhere (which would be unusual). Based on that estimate you received from a shop, maybe it is buried - a repair manual like Haynes or Chilton would tell you for sure.

    2. You should not need a specific brand but, if you are worried, go with OEM.
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    I personally always found Haynes to be the better of the 2 manuals.
    On the 3.3 and 3.8 the sensor is locate to the lower left side of the thermostat housing. On a 3.0 it is in the distributor.
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