Mazda CX-9 Stalling

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I have a 2008 CX-9 Grand Touring.
It started cutting out when I was waiting at a stop light for the light to change. It has done this at least three times now in the last 2 weeks.

I recently got an inspection (1 year), was wondering if the mechanic did something?
Could this be a PCV valve?
any other suggestions?


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    For problem like this, unfortunately, you have to wait till the problem becomes reproducible frequently so that the mechanic can diagnose the issue. Why do you suspect PCV not IACV (idle air control valve)?
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    Unfortunately, I figured as much. I spoke with dealer and they said basically the same, it has to preferably do it with their mechanic in the car or have a check engine light on (which I do not currently have on) for them to diagnose it the best.
    I presumed possibly PCV due to similar problem in another car I had previous to this.

    I am afraid this is going to be a long drawn out process to find the problem. Which does not make me happy considering the expense this car was. (though I do love it and would buy it again if I had the chance).
    thanks for reply.
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    I probably answered this on another forum before.
    Try another gas station for a change.
    My BMW did the same thing twice (died when approaching red light). And for the rest of 10 years, it never happened again. Strange. My guess was bad gas from a local gas station.
    I never visited that station ever again.

    P.S. Some gas station probably has tons of dirty inside their tanks. If you happen to pump the gas right after they refill the gas, dirt will resurface to the top, and go right into your tank. :(
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    hi zippydriver,
    seems that I have the same problem, 2008 cx9 with about 13k, very intermittent, usually went we pull up to a light....then engine just cuts out, no error codes, we had it in the shop for a full engine chk, but nothing found. we are heading back to the shop after memorial day weekend...... on the mazda247 site there is another person with the same problem.....have you sorted yours out yet?? there have been a few suggestions to check out.....since the motor is basically a ford engine one person suggested that the throttle body actuator be checked out/replaced....a known ford issue....and another suggested the idle air control valve be goning to suggest these to be checked when we are back at the shop....ill post back when we get the car back

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    Hi Ken,

    got it back from dealer yesterday. Dealer told me Mazda knew about the problem online and the dealer was authorized to change the throttle box, so
    they replaced it yesterday and been driving it since and it's doing great.
    (my problem was that when I was idling at a stop light or in rush hour traffice, the rpm's would flicker down while idling and then finally cut out completely, with the
    battery light only showing. No computer note of a problem.)

    So, my problem appears to have been a throttle box (CA01-13-640) and
    gasket for throttle was also replaced (CY01-13-655). All work was done
    under warranty so I was not responsible for cost. Also, it took a day for them
    to get the part in so they need to order it ahead of time if possible.

    Been driving it since yesterday and the rpm's are not flickering down any more and
    it has not cut out at all since I got it back. problem seems to have been solved.
    Good luck.
    PS have them check while you are there for the seatbelt recall of the driver seat, I had had an earlier problem with this so it's a good thing to check while they are already checking out the car.
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    the 2008 engines are 3.7 liter, and not the ford edge engine (the 3.2 liter engine that was put in initially the 2007 because the CX-9 engine was not ready). This is a problem for the japanese manufacturer I believe.

    take care, zippy
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    tx for posting zippydriver,
    you say that mazda knew of the issue "online" what is that, a data base of repairs that they can go through? and if you dont mind what dealership took care of the problem?? tx ken
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    2007 has the 3.5L MZI, same as the one found on Edge.
    2008+ has 3.7 MZI engine with revised intake and programming/tuning by Mazda (seem that they were not happy about the defaults from Ford).
    The MZI has "drive-by-wire" throttle. It seems that the same device also presents an issue on Ford vehicles as well. There is a TSB on Ford engines, but Mazda has not issued one yet. i.e. throttle problem is well known by Mazda/Ford on this engine. Hopefully, the later ones have better parts than what we got.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed for mine. So far so good.
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    when I took it to the dealer and drove the mechanic around, showing him what happened ie the stalling/rpm fluctuation, he told me that he had already checked the problem with Mazda online (not sure how he does this), and they noted that they had another another car with same problem which was caused by the throttle body. Based on this, and seeing the problem, he said they were authorized to change it. The dealer was Country Mazda Service in Huntington, NY (631) 271-6745. John S. is I believe, the service manager.
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