back carpet gets wet when raining

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On my 98 Chevy Astro everytime it rains, water starts entering the very back of the van most likely from the right passenger rear side (because the carpet is more wet there). Towards the drivers side at the rear, it stays mostly dry. I tried lubricating the weatherstrips and adding a peice of weatherstriping under the long plastic that holds down the carpet, but I'm still getting water inside. I do not know how the water is entering and from where (from the roof rack, or stoplamp, or under the rear hatch doors)? If anyone has had similar experiences and knows where a common location for water entrance is on these vans, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.


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    I had a similar problem when I purchased a used 99 Astro. I tried a number of things including taking to a Chevrolet dealer who wanted several hundred dollars to fix but did not indicate specifically where the leak was coming from. My Astro had the french doors instead of the hatch type door. Finally I purchased the rubber molding that goes around the top and sides of the opening. I also used some clear silicone above the rear door. That solved my problem. You should also check below the rear doors to make sure any water that gets in can exit. Good Luck
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    I had the same problem with my 97. It was a known issue and not covered under warranty. One reason GM is in the situation it is. Anyway, REALLY irritating when you buy a vehicle under the original warranty. The mechanic suggested I silicon the plastic trim that holds the carpet down as you did to build it up just a little. I did and it hasn't leaked since. I also park with the hatch down hill. Kind of hokie but if it works....keep on doing it.
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    I have an 1989 Astro cargo and have had that problem almost from the time I bought it new. We used the van to carry show dogs around for years and thought that the water was from them spilling their water bowls. However since it no longer is used for that purpose and the mat still gets wet I did some looking around. It appears as if there are a number of problems starting with the doors not closing tight enough to stop water leaking down from the top. I have talked to a lot of other Astro owners who have had this problem. I saw one van where the doors had rusted shut. I just gave up trying ways to stop the leaks and rolled up the carpet by the door, and bought a number of large sponges at a hardware store and placed them in across the entire rear of the van. They collect the water and stop the mess. Admittedly this is a rather high tech solution to another GM problem but at least the mat stays dry and no more mildew.
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    The final answer for my van was to purchase from the dealer the gasket that goes across the top and part way down each side. It is easy to install. You will also want to check at the bottom of the doors to make sure any water that accumulates there can exit thru the weeps. I have since sold the Astro but still have a new set of carpet & mats that I never installed.
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    I park with my hatch down hill and still got water inside. I never noticed water get in when i parked on level surface however. i.e. while washing the car.
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    1999 am having the same problem ,my friend at the body shop told me is the black robber that goes acrose the top is call a weather gard that is the problem,i notice the person i bought the van from used black silicone at the top cornner and the bottom
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    The black rubber weather strip that goes across the top and upper sides of the French Door versions - window at top of back door with 2 1/2 size doors below - was the problem for me. I had researched and siliconed everything from top to bottom with no success. After replacing the strip it was 90+% corrected. I got a fairly heaby carpet sample and left on top of the floor. The top weather strip can be self-installed easily or you can have the dealer do it for about an $80 or more labor charge.
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