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1999 town car no heat or air

We inheritied a 1999 town car with 82000,00 miles, When we got it the auto climate control worked fine, later it took about 15 minutes for the a/c to kick in but blew cold air. Now it won't work at all hot or cold. Is this something I can fix myself or am I going to have to take it to the dealer to fix it ? Any ideas? Thanks.


  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    If the engine doesn't heat up to normal running temperature, you may need a thermostat.

    Next, see what happens after you disconnect the Negative battery cable and reconnect it after a few minutes giving the electronics a chance to reset.
  • Engine heats up just fine, it was working perfectly just started to take longer to for the fan to come on. You can feel warm air coming out of the vents if you have the controls turned up to 75 but the a/c won't come on now when the controls are turned down to 65. No cool air will come out of the vents as the a/c compressor won't kick in. I can't seem to find a blown fuse anywhere either. The a/c is fully charged. I feel that is electrical, just don't where to look next. Tried the battery thing, didn't work. :confuse:
  • nwraaanwraaa Posts: 170
    In addition to a fuse, the A/C system also has a relay. Also, how did you determine that the A/C system was fully charged without the compressor running to give you the high side and low side readings? You can bypass the A/C low pressure switch to verify that the compressor is working by disconnecting the connector from the the switch and placing a small piece of electrical wire on the two contacts. Check all the A/C electrical connections to make sure that they are tight.
  • The compressor never kicked in & out like they do when it is low of freon, Plus the a/c was ice cold when it was on. It would work fine until you turned the car off, then it would go through the same process again, might come back on in a few minutes or it might take 15 or so before it would come on. It just won't come on at all now, no heat, no A/C, no fan.
  • billieo12billieo12 Posts: 1
    Lincoln 1995 town car heat but not cool,I do know the compressor is on but only blow hot air, I set it at 60 and still hot air,put it on vent and still hot air ,what it seem like is the heat where ever it come from is not cutting off,like the old type it had a valve on the heater to cut the heat off , what can I do to cut the heater part off.
  • gortiz3gortiz3 Posts: 4
    Sup Guys! Looks like we all have some good tastes around here when it comes to luxurious horsepower anyway there is a 1995 Lincoln Towncar Cartier I am looking to buy. Currently the odometer reads around 209,xxx miles. The paint is still a light tan glossy and the interior white leather shows some wear and tear, not too much. It even comes with a sunroof which works fine. All matching hubcaps, good tire tread (70%), AC and heater, power seats and all windows except one work. The price tag was originally $1900, but has been dropped to $1300.

    What concerns me is the acceleration. I'll gas it lightly and it'll take somewhat of a while to speed up. The first gear hits around 14-18 mph. Then I feel another at 26-28 mph. They are quick and you feel the pull. On my brother's 91 TC (160K miles) the gear shifts are smooth and you have to feel for them though. Also the engine's rpm (the 95 TC) will shoot up for some time before 3rd gear comes in then it levels off. Upwards 50mph+ its good. The lady claims her husband took care of it regularly. Is it wear and tear or is it something more simple? any help is appreciated. I need some wheels for work.

  • Thermostat replaced, heater core not clogged, blend door actuator replaced, all vacuum lines checked. No EATC error codes. All EATC connections good. Blend door actuator replaced. Vacuum lines checked. All works normally now but still no defrost and heat comes out of a/c vents. Now what am I missing?
  • tony183tony183 Posts: 1
    Cant get no air to come out the vents new blower motor check all fuses and relays i can hear the compressorcome on
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