Santa Fe Whine (Transmission?)

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We bought a Santa Fe new in Dec 04 it now has 60,000 + miles had the Transmission Flushed and serviced at 45,000 miles and just as it was coming up on 60000 the Crank sensor decided to call it a day and no start so while doing that i had the timing belt , all the pulleys Hydrolic Adjuster and water pump and alt ps aircondition Belt and teninor changed The had them put in New NGK platnum plugs and NGK plug wires (as long as your that far into it might as well do it all
about a week after all the service work was done and it was running great we thought we noticed a Whine when pulling away from a light but it would go away after you got speeded up
today we took a road trip 350 miles and when we pulled off for gas we started hearing it again everytime we accerated it seems to quit at around 40mph
Since Automotive is my background (no i dont turn wrenches any more getting to old and cars more complicated but do all the work on my wifes toy (65 Ford 6cyl Mustang ) I Know the reasons why we have service maintance required things and i really try to make sure its all done when do
Has anyone ever hear of this or have an idea what i might be ?? in Dec will be 60 Months
i work on the road so i need a reliable Car for my wife and this has been a real good car for her and uptill this Crank sensor thing has never given us issues Just keep it clean Change the oil and filters and Dont beat it just normal driving


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    who did the service? dealer or private shop? my 1st thought would be improper tranny fluid. or improper amount. other than that i would check to be sure the noise is not from the engine v.s. the tranny - especially with all that was done.
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    a dealership did the Tranny Flush
    a private repaire shop (that i have done work with for years and is quite good)
    one thing was that i checked the fluid about a week after the flush and noticed that it was LOW they gave me a qt and i installed most of it but was unsure if i might not be overfilling it so had the wife take it back to dealership and finished adding what i had plus at least another 1/2 qt if not more
    this morning we drove the car and did not hear the noise till we were on our way home but was not as loud as yesterday
    and that was one thing we have noticed is that sometimes it is not there and then again other times it is
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    Does this SF you bought have a hitch ? Any service records that you can get ?
    There any leaking at the transmission. Kind of strange to have the trans be low.
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    what kind of tranny fluid are you using - and - when you are checking the fluid level - are you doing the check on level ground with the engine up to normal operating temperature and the transmission in neutral?
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    If they pulled the water pump, then i would check for serpentine belt tension (slipping), water or oil leaks on belt, or mis-aligned /bent pulley wheels, as well as tranny. With having so much work done all at once, it could be anything they touched.
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    Found out today what was causeing the Whine we heard
    its NOT the transmission or Power steering
    it is the Airconditioning
    wife discovered it when she turned on the AC it made the noise but did not get any cooling
    Clutch is quick cycleing so added a little freon (R134a) and then the clutch stays on added about 10 oz air works now but have low pressures 15 on the low side and 50 on the high side
    now im no expert on this so i quit there
    talked to some people that new what there doing and was told that even low on Freon i should higher high side pressure
    he thinks the expansion valve is stuck causing this
    Chyrsler uses this same style and he said he replaces a fair amount
    so have one ordered Hundia wants $142 NAPA was a Lot les about half that
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    Purchased 2004 Santa Fe used in January, 2008. Car is 6 cylinder automatic. No problems until November, 2008, when it began stalling after heavy rain. Check Engine light comes on and car cannot be restarted. This usually happens after driving about 10 blocks or about half mile but only during or after heavy rain. This has happened about 4 or 5 times. Last time, I left it at the stop sign without trying to restart and called a tow truck. By the time the car arrived at the repair shop, it started just fine. No one seems to be able to find any problem but it is very frustrating. I'm reluctant to use the car when it rains or after the rain stops. Any suggestions or help?
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    no service engine light? wierd. any modifications to the car? most likely it is moisture getting into electrical connections... have mechanic check electrical plugs, connectors and grounds for moisture and corrosion. they only need check items that would prevent starting... does it turn over when you try to start it or does nothing happen when you turn the key?
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    Thanks for responding. Ignition wires were replaced and new plugs installed. Check engine light comes on and stays on but nothing shows up when car is connected to computer. Car attempts to turn over when key is turned but does not start. Will start after about 20 minutes. Last time this happened (after replacing wires and plugs), I did not try to restart but had to wait about 30 minutes for the tow truck and then the driver got lost so it was about an hour before it reached the service garage. By that time, car started fine and no trouble found. I'm at my wits end.
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    no codes from the computer suggests a computer problem. also - fuel pump could be suspect - however - if it only happens when wet outside - i would still check all electrical connections before going crazy... dealership might be best bet or electrical specialist
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    Thanks, my next stop was going to be the dealership. I was hoping to avoid that because of the expense - usually twice as much as anywhere else.

    So far, even with all the rain we've had lately, problem hasn't surfaced again but everytime it rains, the car is pulled into the driveway and allowed to run about 20 minutes. Maybe that's helping but it sure burns a lot of gas.

    Guess I'll have to make an appointment with the dealer and will keep the site posted on outcome.

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    Intermittent problems are a b#*!h - you didn't specify how many miles is on the Fe, but it sounds like a short somewhere. It can only be certain things :
    An electrical short/computer/sensor problem
    Ignition /battery/problem
    Fuel pump/line problem

    Have you run completely out of gas before? That could cause a fuel blockage from sucked up gunk from the bottom of the tank, but it wouldn't answer why only in the rain.

    Good Luck
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    wow. I am freaking out with all this electrical problems with your Santa Fe. Can the electrical problem due to water leakage into ignition or computer during rain fall ?

    Have you guys check with the dealer?
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    Haven't gone to dealer as yet but all ignition wires were replaced (no signs of water damage), check engine light comes on but nothing is retained in on-board computer. Fuel injection system was thoroughly checked and no problems found. Here's another unexplainable part, even though we've have a rainy spring and month of June in NJ, problem hasn't surfaced in warmer weather. I think this car is haunted by a poltergeist.

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