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Pontiac Sunfire Sunroof roblems

i own a 2000 sunfire and have been having some problems with my sunroof, it vents fine but it wont fully open unless the weather is fairly warm, when its cold outside it only slides open a few inches. is there anything i can replace to make it fully opporational again?


  • jhopke1jhopke1 Posts: 1
    The sunroof on my 98 gt just quit opening up. The last time it closed it made a loud nose and now it wont open. You can hear it click and when you hold the switch in it sounds like it overloads and then resets. What could the problem be? How do I take it apart to look at?
  • there is an arm in the paneling of the roof that guides the glass. if the arm detatches you will hear nothing but noises it means the sunroof wont move because nothing is forcing it to :(
  • I have a 2002 sunfire with a sunroof that just recently won't close all the way. It opens just fine, but when I close it it leaves it open just an inch or two and will not settle in. I can push down on the window to make it close a little more, but I would love for it to close all the way. Any suggestions? please help !
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