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Nissan V6 or Honda v6?

jonwhuntjonwhunt Posts: 1
I'm currently building a car that I plan to drive daily AND enter into car shows and magazines. I hate the engine that comes standard in the vehicle so I plan to do an engine swap. I was planning to buy a Nissan v6 engine because I love its torque at lower rpm's. However I read where people were having problems with the 2.5 Nissan engine. How are the 3.5 Nissan v6's holding up? Would it be safer to go with the Honda v6 even though it doesn't have the low end torque that the Nissan has? I plan to add a turbo to the engine as well, which engine would you guys advise me to get based off that? I test drove a 09 Accord Coupe with the v6 and it just didn't have the power that the Nissan Altima coupe had... or it didn't seem to at least.

Anyone know if a Mazda 6 speed automatic transmission with sport shift can be used with either of these engines? I don't like the CVT transmission that Nissan uses and the Honda transmission is just boring. The only thing I don't like about the Mazda transmission/engine combo is how when you let off the accelerator it feels like you downshift, like the car is fighting against the engine or something. I'm use to driving my Grand Am GT and when i let off the gas I just coast, is there a way to achieve that using the Mazda transmission?

Guess I should let you guys know what I'm trying to do so you can answer me better lol. I have a Mazda RX-8 that I want to do an engine swap on.. and since its a 2004 I also want to swap transmissions because it has a 4 speed automatic, I want a 6 speed auto with sport shift. I'm hoping to find a way to put a better (more reliable, more fuel efficient, more powerful) engine in it. I would also love to find out if I can tweak the steering a little because this RX-8 is TOUGH to steer lol. I love the super smooth steering of my Grand Am GT and would like the steering in the RX-8 to be similiar. Any suggestions?


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