Gas Leak 2002 XC70 72K

drkelderdrkelder Member Posts: 1
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Just bought this very clean xc70 and went to fill up. I overfilled due to slope of vehicle at pump. I noticed right away the gas dripping, almost pouring out from under rear seat drivers side. I drove 80 miles and it no longer leaked but heavy on the fumes. also fuel gage stuck at .25 full. What have I gotten nto?


  • tahitibbctahitibbc Member Posts: 1
    Hi. Ive been a volvo tech at a dealership for 5 years now and have seen this MANY TIMES. The fuel tank which is undercar located under rear seat cushion, has 2 access plates to the senders. (yes there are two...) the spanner type ring nuts for these senders have o-rings to seal it because the tanks demensions make it BELOW the full fuel level line. They are leaking due to pinched or split or loosened. Only when full. They are a fairly simple fix. Please have them checked.
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