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Hey guys I have a really nice 2000 2.5 RS its in great condition and worth about 9,000. I need a almost everything in the interior replaced though (everything from center consoul, trunk board, seats etc.). I have been looking for cheap (under 2800) or salvaged cars to use as a parts car for all this interior work. I was wondering what cars had the same parts for this and what years. I have found a good amount of cheap legacy GT (95-98) and I was wondering if i could use the same parts from that? Thanks Guys!


  • ngrimes09ngrimes09 Member Posts: 2
    Guys I have a real nice car that I dont want to get rid of but with the interior problem came lots of stupid wireing problems from the idiot before me. How much work/time/money would it be to almost totally REWIRE the entire car. Thanks.
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    I think a wiring harness would be quite expensive, actually. May not be a project worth pursuing.

    As for the interior, you'll actually find that the Forester and Outback Sport have much more in common with that car and would make far better donor cars.
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    yeah, if you could find an Impreza-based donor car that has a complete (and currently installed) wiring harness, I think replacing the wiring in your car is doable. If I were doing it from scratch, I would feel daunted.

    I know a young fella here in my town that is replacing the wiring, drive train, suspension, etc., in his '98 Impreza with a wrecked WRX. He's doing a darn good job and almost everything is a direct swap. Basically, he will have a WRX with a '98 Impreza body.
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