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I'm ready to buy a Charger SXT. I live in Cleveland. Has anybody driven their dodge in the snow? If yes, how did the car handle? Is there any reason I shouldn't be buying this Charger?


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    It's rather dated, but a few posts in this discussion may be helpful.
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    we are also looking to purchase a sxt what kinda prices have you been offered? do you think the incentives will improve given there current financial problems?
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    I have them down to $21,692. What price did you get? I heard yesterday that 3200 Chrysler dealers will be closing. I may wait a week or two and wait for the flood of cars to hit the dealers.
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    we have been dealing with internet sales we are supposed to meet with them this weekend they said they could get us the dodge charger sxt for around $18000 i think msrp is around $25000. we were previously offered $18064 for the base charger (but my husband wants the 3.5 engine) we also had a quote of $17,900 on a brand new 2008 model. not sure to buy now or wait and see what happens with the dealers.
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    The MSRP is around $27,500 for the SXT. I would buy it for $18K. I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Where do you live? If you live near snow, make sure you get the Electronic stability on it. I think I'm going to wait a few weeks unless come down to $21K.
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    well we purchased the dodge charger in inferno red. we got a 2008 model ( it was new 44 miles on it) it is the base model with plus package. (3.5l engine anti locks brakes stability control adjustable power seat sierius radio for 1 year and a few other options i cant remember). msrp was around 25,500. we got it for 16,900 (17,200 out the door) (we also traded in a 1995 chevy with 225,000 miles on it to get this price) i hope we got a good deal. my husband is happy he will drive this car as long as it drives. anyone buy a charger lately?
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    "we got it for 16,900 (17,200 out the door)"

    What state do you live in, that has only $300 total for Tax, License and Registration????

    Sounds...... strange....
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    im sorry my error the price was 15,900 (17,200 out the door) (it was 17,900 before the trade in) had the car for almost 3 months now and put 4000 miles on it so far so good. .
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    Thanks for the update. For a minute there, I thought I was going to have to move !!

    Congrats on the car. I have a Magnesium 2006 SXT, purchased in July 05 (one of the first in Orange County, CA). To this day, if I was in the market for a 4 door sedan, I would get a Charger. I LOVE IT !! Mods: Tinted windows, Dual exhaust, Daytona style spoiler, Garmin Navigation system (mounted in the dash where one of the air conditioning vents were) and 18" RT rims given to me free by an RT owner who got custom rims). 52,000 miles. No real problems, although I do get the "shutter" as some people call it sometimes, when I quickly remove my foot from the accelerator. I guess it just does not bother me like it does someothers...

    Enjoy your new ride...
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    Looking at getting a used Charger. At first I was looking for the AWD version since we can have some lousy whether here in Pennsylvania. I let myself get talked into thinking that I don't need it and its just extra expense.

    Just looking around at various dealerships, I found a 2008 Charger AWD for around $20K. I could still get a low to moderate mileage 2010 Charger for about $19K. My wife (who will be driving the car) thinks we should wait for some 2011's to start popping up used.

    To be honest, I am not sure how much difference there is between the model years. I guess the 2011 was redesigned, but I am not sure its worth the extra money. I am also not sure if the AWD is worth the extra cost.

    How does the RWD handle in bad weather? Is it worth it to get the AWD version? Any particular reason I should hold off and try to get a 2011?
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    Wait for the 2011s! Or the 2012s! The difference between the 3.5 and the 3.6/8-speed is huge and worth the wait.
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    Definitely get the AWD. I live in Rochester, NY where the winters are pretty severe. I just traded in my 2005 MAgnum R/T AWD for a new 2011 Charger R/T AWD. I run with four snow tires (Falken Eurowinters) and with AWD have never had problems in snow, ice or rain.
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    Definitely get the AWD Charger and a 2011 or newer. Its always a relief knowing that you can drive through snow(mild) if needed as opposed to the RWD.
    It also helps when it comes to re-sale, you will always have an upper hand over the RWD.
    Newer body style, 8 spd tranny, AWD = Win win
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