Elantra Touring vs. Subaru Impreza 2.5i 5-door

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I'm trying to decide between the Touring and the Impreza hatchback. I like the MPG, cargo space and price of the Touring. But I like the ride, power, AWD and safety of the Impreza. Can anyone offer some opinions to help me make up my mind? Thanks!


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    Two sets of questions for you:

    1A. Can you afford the extra cash for gas and car payments every month?
    2A. Can you make do with the cargo space in the Impreza?

    If the answers to both questions are "Yes", get the Impreza.

    1B. Can you live with the ride and power of the Elantra, or will you mutter to yourself every day, "I wish it rode more like the Impreza and had more power."?
    2B. Can you live without AWD?
    3B. Would you mind having a car with less-than-stellar crash safety (based on the Elantra sedan)?

    If the answers to all 3 questions are "Yes", get the Elantra.
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    What did you end up getting..the Elantra Touring or Subaru Impreza. I am trying to make the same decision--thanks
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    Hi. I purchased the Impreza and I don't regret it one bit. It has been a great car so far and has performed very well in the snowy Chicago weather. What did it for me was the less than "solid" feeling I got when driving the Elantra. I'm sure it's a great car and all, but I just felt better in the Impreza. I'm getting about 25 mpg in mixed driving - not terrible for AWD. That's probably the only part I don't like, but I can live with it. Good luck with your decision.
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    I've owned Subaru's for 14 years, it was my first new car. This 2010 Impreza will be my 5th. I drove other cars when considering my purchase and thought about owning a hybrid or a small car for better gas mileage, however safety and fun were my priorities. The Hyundai SE is comparable to the Impreza Outback Sport and not that far away on price either. I have an 08 Legacy sedan w/ auto & I get 32-33mpg hgwy in summer/winter city 22-23. The stock stereo and speakers not great that is their weak point. The awd is amazing in rain/snow recommend adding snow tires of course. I've always got a smile on my face because I feel planted to the road and could have any car I want and still choose Subaru. They may not get the best gas mileage but will get you there safely. It comes down to your comfort and compare the features. Take a good long test drive in both without the radio on and really concentrate on the handling, noise etc. Enjoy!
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    Last I checked, there were no crash test ratings for the Elantra Touring yet. It is not the same car as the Elantra but in wagon form; it's based on an entirely different European model, the i30. I'm not arguing that the ratings will be any better, just that you cannot compare the Elantra's ratings to the Elantra Touring's just because of the name.
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    There are crash test ratings available for 2009 and 2010 Elantra Touring on nhtsa.gov.
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    Actually safercar.gov. And there is something very suspicious about these ratings. Notice they are EXACTLY the same, for every metric. What are the odds of that happening on different tests of two cars, even if the cars were the same model? Especially since, as irritatrix pointed out, the Elantra Touring is different in than the Elantra sedan. So what I think the NHTSA did is use the crash test results for the Elantra sedan for the Elantra Touring also. Which is really, really sloppy IMO. The IIHS at least realizes the two cars have differences, but apparently hasn't tested the Touring yet.
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