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Hi, I have a probably stupid question. I noticed that on top of engine sound, there is another sound ("click" followed by a fan-like noise) that goes on and off.

Anyone notice that? I assume it's normal, but wonder what it is. Is it engine cooling fan on and off?


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    I expericing engine shake more than normal after 400mi when I start engine in the morning. Sometime, there is a "click" sound---may be HVAC fan? I havnot yet go to dealer to check it out yet. It is not suppose like that as brand new and quality brand. Anyone have similar issue?

    I had Jeep Grand Chorokee before w/ similar issue like you mentioned.
    I did ask dealer to check them out but alway got answer " no issue".
    I was asked to replace the HVAC fan motor after three year warranty.
    You may ask dealer to check the fan motor out.
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    Hi, for the MDX, I think it's normal after I consulted with my dealer. The 'click' sound is actually from A/C, when the compressor kicks in and the fans are turned on. You can see the two fans in front of the engine. One way to ensure it is to turn the A/C off, then you should not hear the 'click'. I also found this from Acura's website:
    "Air conditioning places an extra load on the engine, especially when driving in stop-and-go traffic or climbing a long, steep hill. You may hear a noise when your compressor engages, but there is nothing wrong with the engine."

    Why you feel it's more than normal after 400mi, might be the weather is getting hotter in your area? Anyways, it does not hurt to bring it to your dealer and let me know what you find out.
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    Hi Methane802,
    I did bring in my 09MDX to have technician test drive and check out the engine virbrant and louder sound. I turned off AC before he tested. He found is normal.
    He did ask me what my previous car ----Acura? I told him I drove Jeep V.8 for 12 years. He said to me that each manufacturer and car had different mechanical design. MDX is 6 cylinder and drive 300hp. More cyclider will make engine run more smoothly. Well, looks like I need to more familiar w/ Acura design and get used to V.6.
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    that's Honda typical issue. that's why I won't buy Honda any more. That defect wont cause any failure but just annoying. if you asking dealer, they always say that's normal and no problem.
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    Not sure if this is the same noise, but the 2014 one in our fleet is making an occasional sound that the reviewers can't pin down.

    2014 Acura MDX: Odd, But Benign From Under the Hood

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