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Article Comments - 2010 Lincoln MKT First Drive

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
We drove the 2010 Lincoln MKT EcoBoost recently at Ford's proving grounds in Romeo, Michigan, and let's get something out of the way right now. The twin-turbo V6 does not make a V8 redundant — at least not all V8s. Neither does the three-row crossover replace all conventional SUVs.

2010 Lincoln MKT First Drive

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  • 300zxguy300zxguy Posts: 1
    Just curious, why does the review say that the Flex can never have a telescoping steering column?
  • TrackDazeTrackDaze Posts: 1
    It's the Aztek all over again...
  • I have a MKT on order since May 15 Does anyone know when the will start building them in Canada.
  • markls8markls8 Posts: 42
    Hi Boatbill--

    I passed by the Oakville assembly plant this past weekend and there were rows and rows of them in the yard (mostly white ones visible). I'm going to my dealer tomorrow (Niagara Falls Ont) to see one they just got in stock last week. I'm hoping that they might look better in person than in the pictures, because the MKT appears to have everything I require. I hope I can get past the looks. :cry:

    By your alias - are you planning on towing a trailer, like I am?
  • Just go mine All that I hoped for. Great car, Got tow package for heavy duty cooler and tran cooler anti sway controls Worth the extra $500. I guess they waited until just before the 15 of Oct to release cars. Great car on highway getting 22 MPG with only 1000 on car. All the power you would want.
  • Hey congratulations!

    The anti-sway control is very impressive - a must have for trailering anything heavy, or even something light on a slippery (wet, icey) surface. I think you could tow a trailer very close to the recommended towing capacity with a margin of safety that you would otherwise only have with a much larger tow vehicle. This is one regard in which the MKT irrefutably stands head and shoulders above the competition.

    And the big bonus is you don't have to drive around a large, clumsy-a** vehicle when you're not towing. I know exactly what options I'll be going for when I pull the trigger, although my plan is to purchase within the next year. The test drive vehicle was a "basic" model, without Ecoboost. But just loaded with features.

    An opening sunroof is a mandatory feature for both my wife and me, so I am somewhat dissapointed that we have to get the $5000 elite package in order to get the sunroof. It's not so bad that the park assist that comes with that is the best system on the market to date, but I think it's a "wow" factor item that is unneccessary for any competent driver. I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of parallel parking, and this would "rob" me of some of that. ;) . I think you might make a mess of things if you tried that with a trailer attached - I wonder if there's a safety lockout on that when a trailer is hooked up to it. Anybody know?

    In spite of some journalist's reports, I was not expecting too much from the MKT performance and handling wise, as I've driven only performance coupes and sedans for the last 30 years, but I need something to tow a 3500+ lb boat with, which I have yet to purchase. After the test drive I was impressed by both qualities - it handled like a smaller, lighter vehicle. I did find the brake pedal (not the brakes per se) "spongy".

    I did not spend enough time to become proficient with the paddle shifters, but I did find them intuitive to use (I've spent almost an hour a day for years commuting on a motorcycle, so sequential shift is natural to me). I'm looking forward to test driving the Ecoboost when one arrives.

    Long story short (or is it too late?) I have definitly ruled the MKT "in".

  • jtt1jtt1 Posts: 7
    Just took delivery today of an Ingot Silver MKT with Ecoboost and promptly loaded it up with the wife and three small kids and drove 200+ miles. I must say I'm pretty impressed. I am coming out of a 2006 Lexus LS430 so I was worried the Lincoln might not measure up. The engine/transmission is awesome, no matter what speed you are going instant acceleration is available. To get that kind of performance out of the Lexus V-8 I would have had to go to the manual shifters. Sync electronic system works well and has all kinds of features. Voice recognition is the best I have ever experienced and actually passes the test of making it useful. The seats are great which was my biggest gripe about the Lexus (LS seats are not very supportive). We also have a Honda Odyssey and it is roomier for hauling the kids but I bought MKT for me with only occasional kid duty. If the maintenance record is good I think I will be very happy with this vehicle.
  • still waiting for mine, first their was trouble with a transmission supplier from India, then there was trouble with the twin DVD supplier, then there was a hold on shipments to replace all PTU on AWD models.
  • dede711dede711 Posts: 2
    I was very impressed with the handling of the EcoBoost and was even more impressed with the whole package of the car. I was even intrigued with the unique least it's different than anything else out there...The MKT is the first car that I wanted as a replacement for my 2001 Acura MDX...I even placed an order with the dealer for the EcoBoost, elite package, 3rd row power assist, adaptive cruise control, and park assist (in Cinnamon metallic with black interior)...BUT as I was researching the car further, I discovered that with the bench configuration there are NO cup holders in the 2nd row!! This may be a completely inconsequential feature, but when I am carting kids around all day from school to activities to sports practices, cup holders are a MUST!!

    The car only has 4 cup holders...two in the front console and two in the very rear of the car. My MDX has 8 and most cars in this class have from 8-10...If I wanted 6 cup holders, I could get the bucket seat option with console, but then I lose the floor space as well as the 7th seat...

    I have called Ford Motor Company and put in an email request for future suggestions letting them know that it was a deal breaker (and heart breaker!!) for me...As soon as they can incorporate a pull down armrest in the center seat of the bench (which most cars do have) with cup holders and incorporate additional cup holders in the side door pockets, I will be the first to buy...

    I was actually looking forward to going back to buying American!! If not for those darn cup holders!! :cry:
  • jonerobjonerob Posts: 8
    There are cup holders on the back of the console at the bottom. So if ordered with the second row buckets and no console you would have six. If ordered with the pass through console you would have six because they are located in the console. I got the bench and there are six holders. Anyway at nearly 60k How many drinks are you really gonna allow back there anyway.
    Armrest. I knew there were no armrest for second row bench occupants but this car was for me. I traded in a 2000 Sable wagon that sat eight. My kids got along fine without armrest then. Anyway they'll be too busy holding their imaginary drinks to worried about where to put there elbows. This car is better way better :shades:
  • dede711dede711 Posts: 2
    Thanks so much for pointing this out!! I went back to the salesman and even called Ford regarding this, and they couldn't find the 2nd row cup holders in that console...I'll have to go back to them on this for sure...Great to hear how much you like it as well:)

    I really appreciate your reply!!
  • I am extremely glad to see the American auto industry making a comeback, and Ford and Cadillac in particular have been producing a number of cars with style and performance that will attract buyers who have not bought American in a while. And then I saw the MKT on the road. OMG is that ugly. Beyond ugly. Chesire cat from the front; nothing going on in the middle, and a hearse's rear end with 1982-esque plastic lighting all over that butt. Simple rule: style sells; and conversely, ugly doesn't (except at huge discounts). How did this thing get past the drawing board without someone saying "you're kidding, right?" There is no question that the MKT will not sell well and those that do sell will be below invoice price with lots of financing incentives thrown in. (Oh, look at the pop-up ad: 0% financing and $5000 bonus cash back on a new model.) Not what a luxury brand aspires to do. Ford needs to perform a major shake up at Lincoln.

    On a positive note, it's nice to know that the D-grade design school students who brought us the Pontiac Aztek were able to find new jobs.
  • Your not the first to say it. But MKT will be here for a least three years 10,11, and 12.
    Now lpsshopper can you spell 'exclusivity'. ;)
  • Hi -

    Just noticed that the MKT was rated at the top of its category of luxury SUVs in Consumer Reports this month. It's based on whether or not the owner would buy that model again. They're doing something right! :)
  • That was probably before the pictures of the MKt hearse were released =^( :cry:
  • We just signed on for the MKT 2010 Ecoboost trim.

    I've read dozens of reviews, which all say the same thing. Either they love the style or hate it, but all agree that the parts of the car that actually matter (drive, option availability, comfort) are all very good. Which means, if you actually like the style, then it's really a great car. Given that style is completely subjective, giving vehicles failing marks because the look doesn't appeal to you is pretty silly. The car compares VERY well to any vehicle out there with it's passenger occupancy.
  • wiskiswiskis Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    I purchased a 2011 with the almost all options including the ecoboost. The car has an outstanding ride is extremely peppy and a pleasure to drive. I use the regular grade gas, and have found no knock or other issues. When looking I wanted a vehicle with adaptive cruise control, and that helped me narrow my search. I actually spoke to someone in the GM Cadillac division - as this feature is something lacking in all but the most expensive packages on their most expensive autos. They actually gave me a hard time about why I wanted this option. I wanted to know why they were so reluctant to include this option. Neither of us got an answer. The only issue I've had so far with the MKT is that the rear panel on the lift gate came away from the lights/reflectors. I tried to pop it back in, but it wouldn't hold. The dealer repaired it in about 15 minutes. With the electronics my Samsung Galaxy cell phone will not stay connected with the sync program. It holds for about 2 minutes and then the system tells me phone disconnected. I thought with an android phone I'd not have any problems. The collision avoidance system has given a few false alarms. It can be turned off, but I think I'd rather have it running. Better a false alarm than the real thing!
  • Interesting. I just purchased a 2010 off lease MKT and after a week am still learning all the gadgets.

    I have an HTC Incredible2 android and my phone does exactly the same thing as yours. Connects, then after a short time is disconnected. It will stay connected after the initial learning procedure ( password, etc. ) but after breaking connection will no longer stay connected.

    I noticed new MKTs no longer offer AWD without getting the EcoBoost, and the base model ( FWD ) cannot be had with the opening sunroof, BLIS, and other goodies from the Elite Pkg of the EcoBoost/AWD model only. My non EcoBoost has all these things. It looks like Lincoln has decontented the base model to get a lower cost to bring customers to the car, then when these customers decide they want/need AWD or the Elite pkg, they end up spending much more to get it.

    BTW, absolutely love this car! Ride/handling mix is absolutely perfect, very quiet, solid, and enough room without getting a huge rear drive SUV that gets atrocious economy.
  • cobrazeracobrazera Posts: 352
    Recently went to the website and got a free software update for my Sync system. Bluetooth now works great with my android phone.
  • fawltytowers44fawltytowers44 Posts: 58
    edited March 2012
    The exclusivity of this car really appeals to me; and now with the drastically improved grille I will be test driving one within the next few weeks.
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