2008/09 T&C top 10 Must-have Accessories

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There are some pretty spanky accessories available for the 08 and 09 T&C and GC so I thought we should compile a list and maybe share some information about where to buy and reviews of the products. Maybe we could nest the reviews and sources in responses so that the list of accessories stays tight. Just a thought. I will start out the list with a few MUST HAVES for every proud T&C owner:

1. MyGig Lockpick. This little devil box turns off all the My Gig safety features. Now you can watch movies (including auxiliary and VES sources), use all navigation features (including address search), and even watch the backup camera - all while driving! For more information on this product visit the following link (or google Mygig lockpick), scroll down and watch the demo video - you will love it: link title

2. Weathertech Floor Liner. These puppies are made of slightly rigid plastic that still has a grippyness of rubber. The are digitally molded to fit over almost every inch of carpet and hang just a little over the door trim. So, you get nearly perfect protection for your carpets. Plus they have color matched to all production interior options! They are expensive, but just remember, a dollar isn't worth a dime until you spend it. This is one product you will praise for years to come, after you make peace with the price. Here is the link:
link title

3. Chrome Pillar Posts. The T&C Limited is an eye catcher. But with a few more additions, it will become a chrome-clad automotive Adonis. These are easy to install, inexpensive, and make my ride look incredible. Here is a link - the pictures look good but really dont do it justice - in person, these things really, REALLY look great! link title

4. Chrome Fender Trim. After the pillar posts are nicely sparked, the only thing missing is fender trim. Click on this link then pick year, make, and model, and then click on the picture link to see it installed on the 08 T&C - B&I is the best in the business! link title

5. Blind Spot Obstacle Detection. This uses infrared sensors mounted inside the mirror cover to detect when an object enters the blind spot of the vehicle on either the driver or passenger side. This will be standard equipment on all vehicles in the near future and could certainly prevent an accident. Retails for $580 but can be had for $450 and maybe even less. Here is a link for more information and Mopar part number: link title

6. Update MyGig Software. Most dealers have no idea how to do this. The most recent version of the software is 1.220. If you have anything earlier, UPDATE NOW! It is easy and addresses a lot of bugs. It is also FREE! Here is a link - read it carefully - there is a step by step instructions and pictures to show you what you will see. A 5 year old could do it. link title

7. Update the Grace Notes database. Grace Notes is the database inside the MyGig that allows you to see the names of songs and related information when playing back from the internal hard drive. Database and instructions available from this link (when you get there, click on GRACENOTE on the left-hand side): link title

8. Update the Nav Database. I am reluctant to recommend this except to people really needing it or for the rich who will not mist the $220! They claim to have increase the number of points of interest by over 10% but tehre are some markets, especially in Canada, where there have been no new data in 3 years! Call the company and ask specific questions about what has been updated before you buy. All sales final. NO REFUND! Here is the link: link title

9. Invisible Mask Paint Protector. Invismask and 3M are the top makers of these products, though there are other competitors. This is an incredibly durable super thin film that is glued onto the paint. I have had it on my 300C for over 3 years and not even 1 chip or ding in the area protected by the film (which is the entire front of the car) plus it has not yellowed in any way. This product is an absolute mast have if you want your vehicle to keep looking new for the next 5 years. Finally, while these makers assure you that your can install it yourself... DONT! Get a professional and CHECK THEIR WORK before you hire them. Puting this stuff on the lower bumper is harder than hanging wallpaper with your feet! link title

10. Factory running boards and the upgraded trim kit.

So this is my list. What is yours? Also, there are a few things I am still looking for:

1. A chromed cover (or replacement part) for the black plastic fog lamp holders.
2. A chrome replacement grill - something big and bold like my Boss grill for the 300c
3. A chrome bug deflector for the hood.



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    4. A chrome gas cover.
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    How is it that "bling" is considered a must-have accessory? ;)
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    I'd rather flourish for a day than linger for a life-time.

    5. Chrome exhaust tip.
    6. Stainless steel pedals.
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    Hahaha! Well, if that is what makes you flourish, then they definitely are must-haves.
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    I would not say "that this is what makes [me] flourish" but would instead say that these things are one way for me, and others I suspect, to flourish: one flower in a whole garden, I suppose and to continue the analogy. Now who is to say which are best kept roses or dandelions? I say he who keeps them. So, you can have your roses, I my dandelions and they are precisely equal in so far as you flourished and I flourished. That we are inclined to take different paths but arrive in the same place is no mystery at all, nor queer in the least. What could be more right and fitting?
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    Yep, to each his own. And, by all means, let the consumers consume. :sick:
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    1. MyGig Lockpick.

    Several owners, including myself, have reported problems with their customer service. They have a reputation of ignoring you after the sale if you should ever need technical support or have other CS issues. Some owners on the Dodge Ram forums have reported problems with their products.

    A better option is an ALLGIG-USB. Unlike Lockpick, future updates to an ALLGIG are free via USB thumb drive and their customer service department actually answers their email.
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