Jeep Cherokee (XJ) Cruise Control Does not Work

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I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4dr 4x4 with only 54xxx original miles on it. The problem that I am having is the Cruise Control and the Horn does not work.

I do not get any light on the dash that says the cruise control is on or anything.... it just plan does not work.

The air bag appears that it might have been set off in the past, being that I am the second owner I am not sure. Being that, I took apart the steering column and the steering wheel to make sure that everything was plugged in and not disconnected, from what I saw everything seemed to be plugged in.

Does anyone know how I can fix my cruise control? I have tried to see of there were any similar discussions but I couldn't find anything in regards to the regular Cherokee.

I would really appreciate any help because you don't know how much you miss cruise control until you don't have it.... epically when you have to drive back and forth between Tulsa and Houston almost twice a month.


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    I had the same problem, the cruise control would not engage. What it turned out to be was that my battery had leaked acid on the hose that run's down to the vacuum which is attached to the bumper, and had actually melted it apart. What I did was purchase a 1/4" hose about 6" long from Autozone, attached each end to the broken hose and taped it firmly with hose tape. It worked like a charm, I once again had vacuum pressure to engage my cruise control. It was a cheap fix and took me 20 minutes to do. This may or may not be your problem but you might want to check out the vacuum line and make sure it did not crack, or become disconnected, or like in my case, get melted apart with battery acid.

    If you open up your hood you will see your battery to the left. If you follow the inner panel, left to the battery, you will see a hose that connects to the servo control; goes from round looking to pointed. It has a gray hose that goes from the servo down past the battery and down to the bumper where it connects into the vacuum reservoir. Check that hose and make sure it is not damaged.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!!
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    I do not think it has to do with the vacuum line because both the horn and the cruise control does not work, and I am not getting and lights on the dash that says the cruise control is engaging.... ergo i think it is some kind of electrical problem.
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    Have you looked at your fuses carefully to make sure that it is not a blown fuse?
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    I cannot find a fuse for the cruise control either in the fuse box by the passenger seat, or in the fuse box in the engine... and the fuse for the horn is not blown
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    Does anyone have a step by step list of what you need to do to replace the vacuum line under the battery support. I cannot get the support out to repair the vacuum line.
  • bfoltzbfoltz Member Posts: 4
    Can you tell me how to get the battery support out. Icannot detach from the fuse box.
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