Map Sensor?

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Own 2000 outback sedan from day 1. Very randomly starting at purchase, car will shut off with check engine lite coming on. This could be while moving , stopped etc. It happened 3 x in last 2 months. Mechanic traced code to Map sensor and replaced with used one. It seemed to help but just happend scaring my 19yr old daughter. Car runs great accept for that but now point she want to get rid of car. It is a safety hazzard.


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    Keep the air filter clean and it likely won't happen again.

    I think that happened to folks that modified their intakes a lot, and to people with S-AFC computers, things like that.

    Not a common problem with unmodified cars, so IMHO it's unlikely to happen again.
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    Map sensor? Do you mean MAS (Mass Airflow) sensor? If it is the airflow sensor, then it may be that the sensor element itself is somewhat dirty. Try cleaning and reinstalling the current one, and see what happens. If it continues to happen, you may simply need to replace it again.

    I used to have a '96 Outback that experienced stalling problems due to a faulty MAS. I replaced it with a used one and never had the problem recur. Ironically, I gave it to a fella about a year ago, after it had sat in my shed for six years. He cleaned it and installed; he never has had any problems with it! *sigh* At least someone got some use out of it!
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    My memory is rusty, but I think Subaru has used both, MAP being Manifold Air Pressure sensor.

    I think they changed around 98-99 or so, when the engine went from the Phase I DOHC design to the Phase II SOHC.
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