2007 Dodge GC Sliding Door Off Track

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My 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan driver's side rear door was opened too hard and came off the track. Does anyone know of a schematics or diagram that will show how to put it back on track without having to take it into a dealership and spend big bucks? Has anyone had any luck with this?


  • srs_49srs_49 Member Posts: 1,394
    Never had that happen to our's, so I have never even had to look at how it was put together very closely.

    When you say "off the track", what exactly do you mean? Is the door literally off the van, or is it just sitting in the door well?
  • rahbanirahbani Member Posts: 1
    How did you fix your sliding door? I am having the same problem and cannot put the door back in its track. Thanks
  • josh55josh55 Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever find a "how to" for putting the door back on track?
  • markman666markman666 Member Posts: 1
    Ok - I just had to do this, I will try to explain it (sorry, I did not take pictures, and I am talking about the bottom track):

    1) pry off the plastic door sill protector - pull up on the inside edge, there are several clips on the underside and also plastic tabs on the outside edge and on the ends

    2) remove the end stop (rear of the track) - it is a gold colored metal piece held on by two black hex bolts that go through the floor into the top of the end stop.

    3) position the roller assembly (attached to the door) so that the bottom roller wheel and forward-most top roller is back in the track, while GENTLY pushing the door rearward and inwards, which should pop the rollers back into the track (it doesn't seem to matter what the position the electric cog/track is in - that will self-correct)

    4) reinstall the end stop, test it (to make sure the electrical cable did not get damaged), and reinstall the plastic sill protector

    I hope that helps.
  • tonypuentetonypuente Member Posts: 1
    Perfect; worked like a charm. It took 15 minutes. It helped to have someone life the door while I positioned on the track with a large standard screwdriver
  • p90xmanp90xman Member Posts: 1
    Thanks markman666,

    Our door on our Chrysler T&C came off last night. I managed to fix it in about 3 minutes with the right tools, equipment and daylight without any assistance to hold the door while re-slotting the roller carriage into the rail.

    Best Regards =-)
  • tylerdanjtylerdanj Member Posts: 1
    Thanks a lot..I was able to put my van door back on track in about 5-10 minutes.. I found a broken connection in the wires and was able to repair the automatic door opener...thanks for your help. All-in-all took me about an hour.
  • cavey49cavey49 Member Posts: 1
    this worked for me as well about 1/2 hour and even fixed a broken wirs in track so now door works with button
  • ncdriver3ncdriver3 Member Posts: 1
    Thanks, markman666! Your directions worked perfectly. Took me 10 minutes (yes, I actually timed it) and was able to do it by myself. Took a few tries to get the roller assembly in place or it would have been faster. :-)
  • JohnMassey27JohnMassey27 Member Posts: 1
    I literally did it by myself and nothing but a screw driver. And also 10:00 at night with no street lights. Took me 2 hours but I did it.
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