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3.8 & 4.0 engine noise

backwoodsbackwoods Member Posts: 12
I driven both the 3.8 & 4.0 and find during acceleration and/or engaging passing gear a very noticable engine noise/roar compared to other vans I've driven.
I searched the forums about and little is mentioned in regards to this . Anyone else find this to be an issue.


  • ray105ray105 Member Posts: 2
    the van has 40,000 miles on it , and has developed a tapping noise like a bad lifter. oil pressuren was checked and is normal. the upper engine was taken apart, the rocker assemblies checked, the engine is spotless inside. no abnormal clearence problems were found. we removed the cylinder heads , replaced all the lifters, reassembled the engine , and when it was started after the engine warmed up , the same tapping noise appeared. both my freind and i are mechanics with over 20 years time in the trade.
  • ray105ray105 Member Posts: 2
  • 15651irene15651irene Member Posts: 6
    the fly wheel of your engine is the one that make the noise. To fix it you have to separate transmission to get to the fly wheel, i know it pain to do it.
  • stranded5stranded5 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 2001 T/C and it is at the dealership in another state from state purchased. 86,0000 miles, well maintained. the problem as i was told a screw had gotten loose in the piston area and ended up being in the engine. i was traveling in cruise control when i became stranded on the highway. there was a sudden rattle like a pop and vehicle shut down. all other mechanics of vehicle worked, (radio, lights, etc.). i was searching for information on engine problems and why this should have happened. the dealership gave me a bill of 6309.99 for repair and a refurbish engine of 2,500.00. i was searching on the consumer protection site and that became over bearing with information. does anyone have information on this sort of problem?
  • srs_49srs_49 Member Posts: 1,394
    I think that with 8-9 years on the van and 86,000 miles you're well past the point where any sort of consumer protection applies.

    No, I have not heard of problem like that with T&C engines. Sounds like maybe you lost a rod bearing bolt.

    The refurbished/used engine for $2500 sounds like the way to go if you're still interested in keeping the van for 5 more years or do.
  • xwesxxwesx Member Posts: 16,580
    I agree, but not if the replacement engine is $2500 and they charge you another $6400 on top of that! If you go the replacement route, the labor should not be more than $1000, max, above the cost of the engine. :mad:
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  • srs_49srs_49 Member Posts: 1,394
    I with you! $2500 + $6400 would be a no starter. Can buy another vehicle (used) for that amount of money.

    FWIW, I had to replace the engine in my '92 Sentra (rod bearings) at ~90,000 miles. This was maybe 8, 10 years ago. It cost me around $2600, which included a used engine (from Japan, IIRC), the labor, and a changeover of the refrigerant in the AC system to R-134.
  • billgrissombillgrissom Member Posts: 15
    Like Ray105, our 02 T&C 3.8L w/ 156K makes a loud rapping noise, but only at idle and cold. It doesn't sound quite like a valve tappet, more like a sheet-metal noise once per engine revolution. It comes and goes when you shift from neutral to drive.

    I noticed it sometimes occurs each time the AC compressor cycles on. However, I don't think from the compressor because it doesn't sound like a bad bearing and I don't feel anything when I touch the compressor.

    I suspect it comes from the oil pan. I had the same sound in an 82 Aries after I bashed the front of the oil pan driving off road. In the Aries it rattled in neutral, but not in drive. The slight change in load kept the connecting rods from hitting the pan. Ditto for AC cycling now. When I later pulled the pan (other reasons), I hammered out the dent and the noise was gone. My T&C oil pan shows no dents, but the whole pan may have shifted by an impact with one of those stupid parking lot bumpers that also hook and destroy your air dams.

    But don't discount the flywheel suggestion. In my Aries, a torque converter bolt backed out and hit the engine block each revolution, though more of a thudding sound.

    For those w/ the 2.4L 4 cylinder engine like my 96 Voyager, discount oil pan hits. When I pulled the pan to re-ring the pistons I found they have a large balance shaft assemby below the crank so no way the crank can hit. It was fun clocking the mini-bicycle chain on the balance assembly when re-installing.

    Other places where sheet-metal can strike the rotating parts are inspection covers on the transmission and around the starter motor. I haven't looked for those yet in my 3.8L. I'll try to remember to post when I find the culprit.
  • grana2grana2 Member Posts: 1
    I had the same issue with a T&C 2010 3.8; 33000 miles and the motor has this tac tac noise. Bring the car to couple shops and they said nothing is wrong with it. Did you find out any reason why? How to get fixed?

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