Mazda CX-9 Fuel Consumption and AC noise

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Got a new CX-9 Mazda 2 weeks ago with a full tank from the dealership. Drove 207 miles probably 70% in city and 30% highway before I refiled the tank with 15.66 gall. of fuel. The on board computer showed 13.3 miles/gall avg. fuel consumption. My computation was close to that at 13.5 gall/mile, this is really shocking, far below the stated 19miles/gall by Mazda.
My former Pilot was getting 20 miles/gall under the same driving condition. Is everybody witnessing the same performance?
Also when on Auto the A/C will work on high fan forever making a terrible noise that will interfere with the bluetooth hands free phone conversation and unless I lower the fan manually it will continue doing so even when seemingly the desired temperature is achieved. Again, the Pilot's A/C was so mush more quieter, what is the point in having a well noise insulated car if the A/C makes such a tremendous noise?


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    You'll want to visit Mazda CX-9 Real World MPG.

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    A/C noise is definately some type of problem with the car. Is the rear seat fan control on high? I find this a bit distracting when it's on high. This can be disabled.

    As for MPG, it's a new car and I would expect the engine to be breaking in for a while. Pre-09 models did not have an MPG computer calculator and possibly this is by design(intention). However, many of us have found that we get between 18 and 22 MPG using the ScanGauge device that hooks up to the ODBII. There is a thread on this on this forum and the Mazda24/7 forum.

    Also, could be the way you press the gas pedal. If you are one of those drivers who always accelerate, glide and re-accelerate you'll find you go through gas quickly. You may want to watch how you drive and use the gas pedal. Perhaps you can learn a few tricks on your own.
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    Thank you for taking the time to reply. I do drive gently, am not the type of hard foot driver. I did go to the Mazda dealership and they suggested to wait till the car reaches 1000 miles to give the engine a chance to break in. The A/C makes the terrible noise from the front. Most of the time now I keep it on manual so I can adjust alone the fan and by lowering it the noise diminishes. I guess it will always cool slower this way but at least I can go quietly about other business in the car.
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    I have been consistently getting 15 MPG in my CX-9 since I purchased it. One all highway trip I did hit 19.5 MPG. I'm getting 15 MPG in a 50/50 mix of driving. I'm very disappointed. I am experimenting with 92 octane fuel to see if it improves the MPG. Initial results show it might, but the weather has warmed up so it's hard to know if that is what has caused the improvement in my MPG.
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    TXS for taking the time to answer. Mine is a 2WD Grand Touring, I will wait till 1000 miles on the odometer to see again if the average improves.
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    I understand your frustration compared to your old pilot. Several things make CX9 have less MPG
    - heavier (compared weight at least 300lb more)
    - bigger engine (3.7 vs 3.5) and Honda is good at lean burning
    - wider tires (245 vs 225/215)
    - short 1st gear (much shorter than your Pilot - more puppy starting off)
    - new - it gets better after 10000 miles
    Mazda designed CX9 to be sporty (zoom-zoom), not king of MPG.
    My 1st tank was 16.5 mixed driving. CX9 is more efficient on highways due to low drag (0.36) and tall 6th gear. I can easily get 22mpg (with AWD) travelling at 75mph+.

    In short, to improve what you get now
    - ease off at 1st gear
    - time the lights (a common Prius technique)
    - pump up your tire pressure to 35+ psi
    - get rid of junks in your vehicle
    - use of K&N filter helps a bit in city stop-n-go driving (not highway)
    - use of synthetic may also help a bit (city and highway)

    Vehicles work at the best when warmed (i.e. temp gauge at middle) in term of MPG also. The 1st couple miles are usually very bad since the vehicles need to warm up to operating temp ASAP so that emission control can reach a good state (heat up the CAT converter).

    Go read the 2009 Pilot site/forum. They are not exactly getting very good MPG either in city driving. It comes with heavier new vehicles and tighter emission requirement (clean up emission ASAP).

    Anyway, not to defend for CX9. CX9 is a great CUV with handling in mind, not super MPG. For the latter, Highlander is probably the best by 2mpg at least.
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    Tank you for taking the time to answer.
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    I live in Mississauga Canada, and recently purchased a US 2007 Mazda cx9. However, i have found a few problems.
    1. The Gas needle does not work properly
    2. It burns ALOT of gas. (I am currently getting under 300 kms on a full tank!!!

    I am not lead footed, but have found the car to be burning more than my brothers BMW 545i. I recently gave it a tune up, (Uridium plugs, filter, synthetic oil etc.) but not much different.
    Please help, the gas is KILLING ME!!!

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