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Audi Q5 panoramic sunroof too hot?

oooooooo Member Posts: 5
edited July 2017 in Audi
Any current Q5 (or Q7) owners that live in Florida or other hot/sunny states with complaints about how hot it can get in the car? Any difference with lighter color (gray) interior?


  • manupmanup Member Posts: 24
    Too hot for myself and wife. We just ordered a 2010 Premium Plus model without the sunroof. We have been fortunate to be able to "test drive" on different days and various weather conditions with the sunroof and without it (premium model). To us, the one without was much cooler, just to much glass for us. At the very least try to compare after the car has been out in the sun at the dealership and compare for yourself. We live in So. Calif. and we have had some hot weather lately so that made our decision easier.
  • audimymindaudimymind Member Posts: 1
    Of course, this is very subjective w/o actual measurement of ambient interior temps, but...Have had Q5 for couple months now and with S. FL temps reaching high 80's/low 90's during the day, I've been surprised. The panorama roof (and mesh cover) has been quite effective thus far. Vehicle is left in parking lot all day while at work and at 5pm, not bad at all.
  • tcmalibutcmalibu Member Posts: 1
    I will be picking up my new Q5 this Friday in L.A. and have been concerned about heat problems with all that glass up top....has anyone tried tinting the hell out of it with a quality tint?
  • oooooooo Member Posts: 5
    Had my Q5 for about 3 weeks in Central Florida. The mesh screen works quite well. I have no plans to add additional tint. It gets hot in there if the car sits outside all day, but I can't say it's any worse than any other vehicle.
  • qactusqactus Member Posts: 3
    I am thinking of buying a q5 with sunroof. But as I live in Mexico, the head/radiation issue is obviously of interest.
    A dealer told me that some people here apply a thin, tinted plastic foil to the inside of the sunroof (that can obviously be removed later on).
    But then i read in this forum, that even under hot Californa or Florida sun, the roof + screen works OK (but perhaps only if the AC is turned on at full power?? I am not to fond of that option).
    As the last post here is some months old: any new views or experiences ??

  • audiq5caaudiq5ca Member Posts: 4
    I have had my Q5 for almost year. I'm in northern California, my car is parked outside all day at work and on hot days 80+ the car feels like an oven! Audi A/C is not all that, it takes a long time to be feel comfortable. My colleague, who bought his Q5 a week before me, suggested getting window tinting to help reduce the heat. I will see how bad it gets this year, I may have to invest in the tinting.
  • rolfbreuerrolfbreuer Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    We just looked at and test drove a Q5 and my wife feels it is letting too much light in and I'm concerned about the heat (Northern CA!!). We drove a gray Q and the metal roof was hot. The sunroof glass though was a lot hotter. Our joke was that the mesh cover on the inside keeps one away from touching the hot surface! So what we first thought of as a really nice feature (just the size of the sunroof) turns out not to be that practical. It's really only the sunroof that keeps us away from getting a Q5. So I'll let some time pass - reading blogs like this - and see whether we both can overcome our "feelings". Options. A) We could ignore the heat (and light) issue....B) I don't think tinting will help in any way with the heat. Applying a reflective foil on the outside might help. And C) I'm seriously considering the no-sunroof option.
  • bmwbobbmwbob Member Posts: 6
    I have a 2010 Presige S line with the roof in question. We have been to Palm Desert with over a 105 degree heat several times and have not even noticed anything about the sun entering the vehicle through the sun roof. It's a non issue we me. Don't let that stop you from buying a great vehicle.
  • wolftoonswolftoons Member Posts: 2
    the majority of the heat comes through the windshield.. heat reflective tint on the roof will help out, but if you really want a cooler interior, get your front windshield tinted (and a doctor's note from a physician stating that you have senstive eyes so you dont get in trouble with the police)
  • wolftoonswolftoons Member Posts: 2
    i sell audis and have had customers complain about the heat.. the Q7 has warm weather pkg available now with a deep tinted sunroof.

    If you really want to keep the heat out get your front windshield tinted, as the majority of the heat comes through the front windshield.

    Also get a physicians note that you have sensitive eyes so you dont into trouble with the police!

    As for the lighter interior, in the summer a black interior car is 120 degrees inside, a beige interior is 110.. (they are all hot in the summer.. even without a sunroof) luckily Audis ac system kicks in strong right after you start driving.
  • bigralphiebigralphie Member Posts: 1
    Well, if So. Cal.is too hot, scratch my idea of a Premiun+ in the AZ desert with 100+ for a few months! But then I cannot get nav, so I guess scratch Audi Q5! I hate the idea of paying to delete an expensive option like the sun roof. Wanted the 2.0 so maybe need to look at the upcoming BMW X3 or even the Ford Edge Limited....all of which have similar 2.0 turbo direct injection engines.
  • shadowchasershadowchaser Member Posts: 94
    I have audible.com on my iphone. I want to play it. I don't think it will stream through the iphone interface...but isn't there a small jack so I can connect the headphone jack into the audio system? Every car seems to have this now. Where is it on my Q5 with MMI and Nav? (4 cylinder premium plus)
  • audiq5caaudiq5ca Member Posts: 4
    It's been 2 1/2 years with my Q5, I'm in Northern California and it gets way too hot! The A/C in Audi is weak, takes forever to cool down the interior. I find I never open the screen let alone the roof.
  • looking4audiq5looking4audiq5 Member Posts: 1
    I've heard of 2 problems with the Q% 2.0.

    1.) Steering
    2.) Sun/moon roof and flimsy screen that does not block out all the light.

    I have not yet purchased but am on the fence. Any feedback would be appreciated.
    There are not many good alternatives. The x3 and RDX has lousy gas mileage and rides like a truck.
  • hogkillerhogkiller Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2017
    Just picked up a preloved SQ5 with the &Y^%$ sunroof. The second week I had all of the windows tinted with ceramic, the Fronts with fairly light and the rears and the heat roof with 20%, it helped but the SOLAR HEATING roof still gets hotter than heck, enough to burn your hand and that heat has to go somewhere and it's inside.. Oh this is in Santa Clara Valley in July on 100º days. The AC is AMEMIC when compared to my Volvo XC70 and my Mercedes SLK230. My next thing to try is a square window heat shield between the screen and the glass. If that shield doesn't cure the problem this thing is gone, I'll take a $15k hit but I'll survive.
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