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Suggested TC modification.

wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
edited April 2014 in Lexus
Traction Control

Up until this very moment I have always been of the thought that if the brakes are applied, even ever so gently, the engine RPM should automatically drop to idle and not respond to the gas pedal unless the brake pedal is fully released.

No more.

What about a TC "mode" that automatically activates if the gas pedal is depressed, substantially depressed, while the brake is applied. The new mode would be implemented via putting both rear ABS/TC braking control solenoids in the "isolate" position. Thereby preventing the rear brakes from being functional. ABS would, of necessity, be fully disabled in this "mode".

Braking would then apply ONLY to the front wheels thereby forcing the majority of engine torque to the rear. The potential danger of loss of directional control upon the loss of traction on the front wheels common to all F/awd vehicles would then be completely the responsibility, under direct control, of the driver and his/her responsiveness with/on the brake pedal.

It is quite likely that some sort of time/duration limit or engine RPM limit would be required to prevent inadvertent overheating of the front brake rotors. TC would automatically return to "normal" mode once the front ABS sensors indicated a substantial speed were attained, say 5-10 MPH.

There would then be no reason for the TC/VSC disable function.


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