Thinking of buying a 2010 MGM

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I am thinking of buying a 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis. This will not be my primary vehicle. I would get it because this will probably be the last year of production, and I've always liked them. A big part of why I would do this is also nostalgia. I think the Panther cars were some of America's greatest autos, and I hate to see them go. I realize it's far surpassed in most regards by most other cars, except for price, but still I like them. I live in in Germany, and I can special order to one to my liking through the US military sales program. Am I being silly to want a Grand Marquis?


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    I think you should. YOu wont see very many in several years since they are being phased out. I just bought an 07 because I like them too and they way they drive. I am only 37 so probably not your typical Marquis owner but needed something larger to haul stuff around.
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    Thanks for your message. It turns out I won't be getting the MGM. My wife absolutely hated the idea. I try to pick my battles, so I didn't fight it. Instead, I'm ordering a 2010 Taurus. I really look forward to it. I think the new Taurus offers a lot of "luxury" features for a fair price. I'm in my mid thirties also, and I've had enough of the sport sedans. From now on, I'll take comfort, thank you!
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    I like the new Taurus also, but was a little too expensive for me. Coming from a Grand AM GT was tired of smaller cars that dont ride very well either so I bought the GMarquis. My friends are like: you bought a what?! lol
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    Yeah, that is a big difference. I drove a Grand Am for about a week or so a few years back. I liked it, but the Grand Marquis is much more comfortable.
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