Mazda5 2009 Factory Security Alarm Going Off For No Reason

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I purchased a new 2009 Mazda5 GT in January and last week my security alarm went off for no reason three times while parked in the garage over a one week period. This week the dealer checked everything and couldn't find any problems. They also called Mazda headquarters and filed this with their technical support. They've reset the main computer on board and I hope that works. I have no add-on products, just the standard factory installed Security System etc. Anyone else experienced this problem?


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    I've had a very similar thing. We bought our 2005 Mazda 5 from a Mazda dealer a year ago, and ever since the alarm has gone of randomly. Its been in with the dealer for the third time today and once again they have found nothing. It doesn't seem to go off in any kind of predictable pattern and it can be weeks between occurences. All the dealer can suggest is I leave the car with them until it goes off in the workshop, which really isn't going to work as we could end up being without the car for days if not weeks. Did resetting the main computer work for you?
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    I think my dealer finally figured out a fix. They simply reset the onboard computer. I strongly suggest you speak to the Service Manager, explain that another owner of a 2009 had the same problem, and that the dealer "reset the computer" and that seemed to solve the problem. I hope this helps.
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