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Is it me or does the rear wheels on the '08 SR5 Sequoia look like they bow out? I think the correct term is "Toe-in" but the tire wear looks even. It looks like there is something very heavy the sequoia is hauling but it is empty in the inside. Do the struts need more air or am I just seeing things? :confuse:


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    I just bought a 2002 Sequoia and I am hearing a grinding or slipping noise in the front end in 2 or 4 wheel drive in a climbing mode --- I am a new member and asking for help ---bdk
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    I guess no one want to talk to new members or I have a big problem and no one wants to tell me about it ---bdk
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    Not exactly sure what you mean by climbing mode but if any of the wheels are losing traction then the traction control system will kick in and that is what you are hearing. It will sound like your ABS system since that is actually what is happening. You will even hear it when accelerating (especially in 2wd) on gravel or loose surfaces from a stop.
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    Thank you very much for responding to my note --- I guess when I said climbing mode I meant accelerating on a incline going upgrade. After you said something about gravel I was on a gravel path climbing a hill when I heard the noise. I was just concerned but If I understand you that is a normal noise that I am hearing.

    Again thanks you for your help. I found your forum and enjoyed reading the notes here and I just thought I could get some info from people that had the knowledge that I do not have

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    Yes, it is normal to hear this. It will really be apparent if you find some snow or ice to play on.
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    I get the same noise in my 2002 Sequoia. Its in the shop now. They replaced the wheel bearing, that didnt work. Today its started shaking so back to the shop.
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    I just would like to share my recent experience.

    I had a humming noise from the front end. The noise would start at 35 mph and stay constant on the upshift and down shift. Ruled out transmission or tire problems. My local mechanic and Firestone advised that I had a bad front wheel bearing. I opted to change both front bearings with my local mechanic. We'll after the installation of the new bearings, the noise still remained. My mechanic raise the Sequoia and discovered the rear passenger wheel had some resistance when spinning the wheel. He proclaimed that the rear wheel bearing was bad and that the vibration was running up to the front.

    Sure enough after changing the rear wheel bearings and hub assembly, the noise disappeared.

    My mechanic stating that in 10 years this was the first time in which the vibration traveled from the rear to the front.
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    This is for a 2002 Sequioa.
    I keep hearing this noise coming from the engine conpartment near the bottom of the floor in line with the steering column. Took it to the dealer I was told I needed to replace the steering column hole cover. Is this a common occurence?, I did a search and was not able to find any similar problems.

    Thank you,
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    Not sure if I have the same problem, but it is the same location. I have a 2003 Sequoia which has been having a RANDOM piercing or screeching noise coming from the floor near the brake pedal. Sometimes it is hard to tell where it is coming from but the Toyota svc. mgr. who witnessed it, thought this was the location the sound was coming from. After leaving it at Toyota dealer for 4 days, they said they could find nothing wrong and was never able to get sound to be heard while they test drove it! Each time I leave and drive away, it starts up to beat the band! At times it seems like it begins or ends when pressing on the brake pedal. At other times, it seems to come from the gas pedal.....hard to tell. I also have had it continue for a few seconds after the engine was shut off! Car seems to run just fine but noise is very annoying and must be stopped. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    I park my Sequoia on a steep driveway. Recently, when backing up the driveway and starting to turn onto the flat street, I hear a grinding or perhaps a slipping noise. Once I make it onto the flat pavement, the noise stops. Sometimes the tracking lights come on, sometimes not. The track lights have also come on while driving around town in the past week. Am I dealing with a computer problem, wheel bearing problems, both, or neither?
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    I have an 2004 Sequoia with 44,000 miles on it. I have noticed a lot of "road" noise in the front end and took it to my Firestone Dealer. They said the right front wheel bearing had gone bad. Is this a common occurance with a car with so few miles on it? Also, has anybody tried to replace the wheel bearing on their own? Firestone quoted me 450.00 to do it, but I have found the parts (Toyota parts) online for under 75.00.
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    Yes...I have noticed this on my '08 Limited as well...I'm bringing it in this week for my 10K mile service and will ask about it. I have noticed it on all Sequoias I have seen...not just mine!
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