Request to bring the 5-door Focus Hatchback

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After seeing the 5-door Ford Focus "Ghia"
Hatchback upclose and personal in Europe, I think
there is a market for this car here in North
America. The Focus ZX3 3-door hatchback is selling
quite well and this completely disproves the theory
that "Hatchbacks" are dead for good in this

The 5-door Focus Hatch will cater to those of us
who don't really like the looks of a station wagon,
the insipid style of the sedan model (Focus was to
be meant a hatchback, not a sedan)and find the
3-door ZX3 hatchback too impractical for everyday

The 5 door model fills a market niche which has
been long forgotten by other automakers, this the
GOLDEN opportunity for Ford to bring an interesting
player in this arena with the 5 door hatch.

Any comments?


  • eman5eman5 Member Posts: 110
    Completely agree-- an urban SUV; very practical, sellable car. With gas prices promising to stay stratospheric indefinitely, this would be a hot ticket.

    Any pix of this on the web?
  • teoteo Member Posts: 2,508

    Interesting note: In some European countries all 4 Focus models are available:

    * Sedan
    * ZX3 2-door Hatch
    * 5 Door Hatch
    * Wagon

    Why the US and Canada can't get the 5 door model?
  • powerslidepowerslide Member Posts: 48
    I don't think the 5-door would sell very well here. It has the quirky styling of the ZX3, which plays well with the young crowd, but that age group doesn't tend to buy 4-door hatches. I think that style works better with two doors. They already have a wagon version to fill that niche.
  • powerslidepowerslide Member Posts: 48
    And as far as a Focus being meant to be a hatchback, (does that sound right?) I think the sedan is the nicest looking version.
  • mznmzn Member Posts: 727
    I think we need all the 4-door hatchback choices we can get.

  • zx3beastzx3beast Member Posts: 661
    i agree with carlady,teo + eman5. by the way the
    4 dr.hatch is very sweet-looking.i have a 2dr.zx3.
    most fun car i have ever owned.i think your right
    given the success of zx3 the 4dr. would sell.there
    are more than enough look-alike sedans to choose
    from all mfg.teo,thanks for the link,i was considering a sunroof install.glad to find out that
    solaire offers the fabric style.hollandia was not
    able to fit it on zx3.this is a good topic,i am a
    big fan of the zx3 hatch , the focus has retained it first years value very well.given its overall
    success both sedan + hatch,i believe you will see
    the 4dr.hatch,suv,+ other models built on the focus hit a grand slam with the focus.the
    truth is in the numbers sold + ordered.
  • teoteo Member Posts: 2,508
    Thanks for your comments, I am in total agreement. I really like the Focus ZX3, but in reality the 5-door Focus would be the perfect comprimise between the sedan and the station wagon. I hope that Ford reads these forums and realize about the potential to market the other Focus model not sold on this side of the pond.

    Probably the ZX3 is a "probe" to see how Focus' prospective customers will react to the hatchback model. So far so good, and then again I hope to see the 5 door Focus here sometime between 2003 and 2004.
  • zx3beastzx3beast Member Posts: 661
    i believe you hit it right.the zx3 was probably
    meant to be a test pilot.the numbers sold, far exceeded their initial projections.also,as powerslide had stated, i initially found the zx3
    to be rather odd-looking when i saw the first pics.
    after seeing the car in person i began to realize
    what the car was all about.the odd-look is actually
    what i find appealing.the sedan is a very handsome
    vehicle but i find the style somewhat conservative.
    the 4 dr. hatch is more daring + practical with the a,however i would consider the 4dr.hatch if my needs required it over the sedan.
    keep the topic going,i believe your wish will be granted.
  • cnollkampercnollkamper Member Posts: 43
    I purchased a ZTS manual and if Ford had the hatchback I would have absolutely purchased it instead. As for the argument that young buyers who like the ZX3 wont like the 4door , WRONG! i am 23 and opted for the 4 door sedan because of the ease of transporting friends and general stuff. I am and always have been a fan of the Golf and would rather have one instead, but we all know the cost is a bit different.I have a feeling that if auto makers started offering sensible hatchbacks here like they used to, the public would catch on. I am using the success of SUVs and now Station wagons in utilitarian guises to come to this point: america has almost lost it's 1980s thrill of having an irresponsible sheer enjoyment vehicle and a car to do all the daily routine stuff.Now people here are getting larger more accomadting vehicles with not so great performance, and the auto makers like Subaru and Volvo making outstanding high performance wagons that fill the niche between wanting utility and security, but not wanting 12 mile per gallon and hell trying to find parking spaces. Not everyone can afford those wagons , and i think A uniquely styled 5 door "Hot hatch" would be just the ticket for those of us that want a cool Euro car but not a 30grand price tag.

    whew.....that wore me out!
  • zx3beastzx3beast Member Posts: 661
    well put,you make very valid points in your assessment regarding the hatch.this is the first serious attempt by an american build a high-quality,re-fined hatch ever.the zx3 + zts are well-
    thought out designs.they offer more bang for the buck than the cant beat the price/performance are right,i see more youngsters embrace the over the 2dr.the
    u.s. hatch was always built as an econo car and
    nothing more.that has changed with the zx3.
  • teoteo Member Posts: 2,508
    I currently drive a brand new 2000 Impala LS. I love the car! My wife drives a '97 Mercury Tracer LS sedan. The Tracer has been very reliable and the car is very well put together. In a couple of years (Or before that)we would like to replace it with a new Focus. Since by that time children could be on the way, the 5-door hatchback would suit or car needs perfectly. We like to have a big sedan for roadtrips, going out with the family (aside I am more partial to bigger cars)and the Focus would be perfect for short trips or do chores around the city in the comfort and efficiency of the Focus. If Ford doesn't bring the 5-door model by that time, then we would stick for the Station Wagon..

    If you want to see a pic of the '00 Chevrolet Impala LS, click below (This is not my actual car, the paint color is "gold" instead of "red", everything else is the same):
  • rosteverosteve Member Posts: 4
    I also hope Ford is reading these forums. Having spent time in Europe, I have also seen the 4 Door hatch and think it is a great design/compromise between the sedan and wagon. I too would buy it in a second over either the sedan or wagon, but alas it is not possible. I think that when the PT Cruiser is seen to be a big success (some would say that's already happened given the difficulty of getting one) then Ford might play catch-up, but until then I will have to choose between style and space - as a 26 year old I don't think i'm ready for the 'look' of a wagon, so i'm gonna have to compromise on the carrying space and go with the sedan - although when the 4Dr hatch comes out over here, i'll just trade in the sedan and get one of those.
  • rsparrowrsparrow Member Posts: 60
    I was at one of the local Ford dealers here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and we got to talking about 2001's. Now normally salespeople don't want to talk too much about next year's models, as they want to sell what they've got now! But when I was trying out a ZX3, he said that I "might be interested to know that Ford will be releasing the 5-door (hatchback) Focus here in the spring, in limited production (around 7000) due to heavy requests"... Sounds like they'll just be testing the waters for the upcoming '01 model year.... But I sure hope to see it then!
  • silyboysilyboy Member Posts: 90
    hi all, i am in agreeance with everyone else. we need the 4 door (5 door as some call it) hatch. i have an SE sedan, because the 5 door was not avail. BUT THERE IS HOPE in the ;atest issue of AutoWeek, they say that For is considering bringing the 5 door to the US for a 2002 model... so if you hold out a bit longer your dreams may come true. Now cnollkamper and i will have tyo decide if we trade the sedans in to get a hatch... hmmmmmmm.
  • domingos34domingos34 Member Posts: 27
    yes its coming in a year.theres an article in AUTO WEEK.ITS COMING.....
  • teoteo Member Posts: 2,508
    Yes, I too confirmed the coming of the 5-door hacthback to North America on Autoweek! Fantastic! I think the Focus will signal the revival of the hatchback outside of Europe.

    The ZX3 is a clear winner, the 5-Door model takes on that success...the car will appeal to a larger number of Focus buyers.

    By 2002 will be just in time to replace my Wife's '97 Tracer for one of these.

    Ford seems to be listening.
  • silyboysilyboy Member Posts: 90
    Today I went to the Roush Performance website to see if they had any info yet up on the Roush version of a Focus. Some background here, last year at the Milwaukee autoshow I spoke with a Roush rep who said they were working on one for 2001. He said it was being based on the sedan, and some of the things they were wworking on were exhaust, suspension, tire and wheels... the usuals. Well today I look and they have a small on-line survey asking various ?s about everything from style, performance to price. They also have a nice sketch of a 5 door hatch decked out with some styling effects. I am hoping personally this is what they choose to base a Roush model on, best of both worlds! Let them know! Also, as a side. anyone have info on the supposed/rumored Saleen Focus in the works?
  • katie00katie00 Member Posts: 2
    I would LOVE to see a 5 door focus hatch. I came very close to buying the station wagon but I'm not a station wagon person. I agree that the 2 door hatch isn't very practical. I owned a 1990 Geo Prizm 4 door hatch and loved it. When I went to replace it this year, I couldn't find any thing on the market that I liked. I ended up buying a Subaru Impreza sport wagon - not for the 4 wheel drive but the "hatch like" styling! I'd still consider trading the subaru if Ford came up with a 5 door hatch.
  • orangelebaronorangelebaron Member Posts: 435
    Hi Katie,
    Do you like your Impreza Sport?
    I'm interested but what I've seen is very spartan.
    Hopefully the 2002 just coming into the US now, has a nicer interior and side airbags.
    I love hatches because I want to throw my bike in the back without having it exposed. Also, they usually have an area that's covered without having it look like you're hiding something with a shade (like in wagons). I had an 86 Lebaron GTS turbo 5 door hatch, which was practical but always breaking
    (no more Chrysler).

    More 5 door hatch choices would be great.
    The old 626 5 door was cool looking.
    Europe has so many cool sleek cars and we have boring, boring, boring.

    The big three seem to think we don't want folding mirrors, hatchbacks, turn signals on the fenders,
    cool colors, etc. Are americans really that conservative? I may end up with a silver accord
    sedan. (but I really want a cool Euro hatch like a Mondeo).

    OK, so Chrysler has the PT, but you know it's gonna start breaking by 50K. And for some reason I don't care for it. Well I would take it over that monstrosity Aztek horror show.

    And another thing, Chrysler and Ford don't post their email address's anywhere so you can't contact them to complain. GEE.... I wonder why! :>)
  • lfanlfan Member Posts: 61
    It may be time to bump this topic back up. Car and Driver just renamed the Focus as one of the top 10 cars, particularly the ZX3. For some of us (I have 3 kids) who want some real SPORT AND UTILITY in our commuter car, a 5 Door Focus Hatch would be the perfect solution. Anyone hear of any news as to whether the 5 dr Hatch will be introduced as a 2002 model?
  • carfanatic2carfanatic2 Member Posts: 1
    i read also in autoweek a way back that ford was considering a coupe version(not the zx3) to compete with saturn/hyundai. i think this would do really well here. i think Ford should bring the five door to the US too.
  • robosmittyrobosmitty Member Posts: 1
    I'll take it a step further.

    I'll be returning to the US from England in 2002. My hope is that Ford will have a Diesel 5-Door Focus waiting for me. They're available somewhere in Europe, listed at 40mpg urban and 70mpg highway. Otherwise, I'll probably go with a Jetta TDI.
  • mikusmikus Member Posts: 109
    Most of you are euro-style cars fans. Why in this case you call 3-door hatchback as a 2-door, and some of you call 5-door model as a 4-door? C'mon, guys, be like europeans!

    It is funny, but Edmunds do not have "Hatchbacks" category in the car selection screen. I sent them email and was answered that there is no such body type. Ha-ha! They call it "coupe". Hey, coupe is the whole different thing. And the most heavy thing that text under Golf or Focus photos says: Hatchback. Even this conference is named "Hatchbacks".

    People, you are driving the cars that no exist here in States.

    P.S. Anyway, I like Golf more than Focus and thanks God that 5-door Golf is available here.
  • otis12otis12 Member Posts: 171
    Ford announced yesterday that the Focus ZX-5 hatchback is indeed coming to the US later this year. So those of us looking for a four-door hatchback will have some choices.;-) The ZX-5, upcoming Hyundai Elantra, Kia Spectra, and VW Golf.
  • AamirQAamirQ Member Posts: 7
    Here's a link to a photograph and some preliminary info on the Focus ZX5. My apologies to if I shouldn't be posting a link to a competing site:


  • mikusmikus Member Posts: 109
  • melissamelissa Member Posts: 27
    AamirQ- not a problem. As long as the site you link to is in context with the discussion, post all you want. We also ask that you not post to sollicit or promote products/services that would benefit you personally. Basically, use common sense when posting to other sites. Thanks for you link - aamirq and mikus.
  • leomortleomort Member Posts: 453
    That would be my main question. Otherwise it looks good. However, in 2002 their will be several HB to compete against besides the Golf. Mazda Protege 5, Hyundai Elantra GT. Toyota is bring out the Matrix as a 2003 model (debute late 2002). Since Toyota is bringing out their hatchback, Honda will probably bring back their Civic HB. Looks like we will have some nice choices.

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