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G20 Chevy Conversion 1994 questions

I got this van for horse shows... I just redid the heads, tune up, water pump, and STUFF and I love the electric bed to couch plus not to mention the extra extension for the bed to make it queen size... I remove the two captains chairs and daughter sleeps on the floor with her head between the two front chairs - she don't mind.

I have all these bells and whistles and buttons and stuff I can not figure out what does what... and I really would like to make some changes to the van... only before I can do that I need to know what does what. Can someone help me PLEASE?... I will be cleaning the van today and taking pictures of what I'm talking about and put them in photo bucket.

I want to say to the hubby, neener I know what that does and I want to have light at night - lol

PS I have pushed buttons and tried but am at a loss.

will post link to pics later

another question WHY am I getting 11 miles to gallon? lol


  • ulfulf Posts: 1
    I am looking for an exterior panel to the sliding side door to a 1978 Chevy G20 van. I would take an entire sliding door assembly if necessary.
    Any information/help would be greatly appreciated. Having much difficulty is finding part.
    PS--does anyone know if certain years for the sliding side door panel/assembly are interchangeable?
  • ceibaceiba Posts: 2
  • ceibaceiba Posts: 2
    Can you please help me to find the thread of the blinds. The G20 Van has in its windows a blinds that when you roll up has a thread . I need to found where I can buy this thread. If someone Knows where sell this thread I really appreciate your help. The color that I need is like an eggplant. Or even better is like when you smash a black grape and the color is like a purple or something like that.
    Thank you very much .
  • I need to find the towing capacity of a 1990 chevy G20 conversion van with a 350 5.7L ENGINE... PLEASE HELP
  • I have a 1994 G-20 Conversion Van. On the dash right next to the headlight switch { to the right of it ] is a toggle switch by a little red light. The light doesn't work, and i was wondering what this toggle switch is for ? When i turn it on, there is no notible difference in anything. Does anyone know what this could be for ?
  • If you have the manuel for it, or somewhere on the van, it should tell you the towing capacity of it.
  • I am trying to find Blue in dash bulbs { twist in kind ] for my 1994 G20 Conversion van. Does anyone know where i can get some ?
  • ms4t4ms4t4 Posts: 4
    I just finished redoing all the window covers in my '94 conversion van.
    At Walmart in the fabric or crafts department you should be able to find what I used; it is called "Braiding Cords" it is very strong and was as close as you can get to the original, it also comes in many different colors.
    FYI**Keep close track as to how the cord is inserted and tied, top and bottom as you remove it, trust me, it will then be a breeze to get them to pull up and down evenly when you get the new cords installed....Happy Trails
  • ms4t4ms4t4 Posts: 4
  • ms4t4ms4t4 Posts: 4
    I have a 1994 Chev conversion van, with power locks. Can you use a slim-jim to try and get in?
    Also would there be any security issues that would keep me from trying to jimmy the lock? :mad: :mad:
  • I believe the switch is for daytime running lights. I have a 1994 van and the switch in my van is broken. Try it out.
  • I have tried this switch and nothing seems to happen. Thank's for the reply.
  • Is there any chance this is a Gladiator Conversion van (by Glaval Industries)? If it is than that toggle switch may be for the accent lighting throughout the ceiling and valances. If you look closely at these areas you will see small light bulbs behind the clear or tinted plastic piece in the ceiling and in the valances over the window. Check the fuse in the Accessory Fuse Panel that was added by the Conversion company. If the fuse isn't the issue, then it's possible the lights themselves have burned out over the years.
  • maskedtexmaskedtex Posts: 9
    The switches for my overhead lights are in the middle at the top of the van[ Above the Rear View Mirror.} I think that switch was used at one time for fog lights, but their are none on it. I have 4 Blue light up speakers in the back of my van { 2 in back } one Blue speaker on each side. and i have three blue tube lights{ 2 on one side and one on the other. I also want to put Blue speakers above each seat in the front. Thank's
  • the switch is for the power antenna for the TV, the red light is to let you know it came up. If the light isn't on, then the antenna is not up.
  • My van does not have a power antenna for the TV, it just has a power antenna for the stereo. It doesn't even have the boomerang type on top. Still at a loss as what it is for.
  • My vans back seat folded down into a bed but is not going back up to seating position. Also, everytime I lock my doors this loud buzz noise comes on near back door. Can you please help me??
  • My van is the same way, just the power antenna for the stereo, and it doesn't have the boomerang antenna for the TV. That power antenna is just for the Stereo only. My TV still works great. No need to worry about it.
  • It has to be one of your connections that go to your back seat. It could just be a bad switch. I would have them checked. That is all i can tell you.
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