Subaru Legacy Climate Control

kd78kd78 Member Posts: 2
Could anyone advise on what the problem might be.
From some reason my CC has stoped working... fuse below steering colum is fine, motor is running.. there is just display or anything


  • saedavesaedave Chicago, ILMember Posts: 694
    Did you check the fuse with a continuity tester or visually? A blown fuse can sometimes be hard to see.
  • kd78kd78 Member Posts: 2
    checked visually but tried 2 new fuses incase but still nothing
  • legacydr1verlegacydr1ver Member Posts: 2
    I have what sounds like the same problem for my 2007 Subary Legacy. The climate control display has gone completely blank. The audio display above it is blank, too. The heat and audio are still working, I just can't change channels or change the temperature. I checked and replaced all the fuses that could be linked to this problem and it still persists. Any suggestions?
  • nicw9922nicw9922 Member Posts: 1
    I am having the SAME problem with my 07 Legacy. Subaru determined that it is a faulty radio causing the problem. It started out occasionally blinking but now if you press on the radio , push a button to hard or change CDS everything goes off and I cannot control my temp or radio. Sometimes, my 4 way flashers will even come on. I contacted Subaru of America regarding this problem but they said my car is not under warranty and my mileage is too high (58,000) for them to help. It will cost $300+ for them to fix the problem. I submitted a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Commission as I see many others are having the same problem.
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