Unsold 2008 Toyota RAV4

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I am waiting to trade my clunker for cash and buy a RAV4.

I checked the inventory of new RAV4s in a few dealers near home. I found that many have more new 2008 RAV4s than 2009 RAV4s!? And, 2010 RV4s will arrive soon.

Did you experience similar situation when you bought your new 2009 RAV4?

It seems there should have some good deals for these unsold new 2008 RAV4s.


  • greytautumngreytautumn Member Posts: 38
    There have been zero 2008 new rav's here in Boston for some time. It's Toyota's third most popular vehicle behind the Camry and Corrola.
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    My dealer had an unsold 08 RAV4 but didn't really seem that interested in selling it. I think it was there to use as a comparison between the new 4 cylinder in the 09 so you could drive them back to back. It was a good strategy as the 09 was definitely stronger and smoother and had more features. Plus the dealer indicated there was $750 cash back that wasn't available on the 08. I think when the 2010's arrive they will probably move them out because it will be 2 years old and has to be costing them money to keep it on the lot. The 08 I drove had 750 miles of test drives on it.
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