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Problem with AC compressor on 1997 T&C

mickeyrommickeyrom Member Posts: 936
My 97 Town and Country developed a howling noise under the hood.Initially it was diagnosed as a tranny problem,but I later found that it was not the tranny,but the AC compressor.
I had a Chrysler mechanic replace it with a rebuilt one at a pretty high cost.It helped,but the noise while reduced,is still there.He told me not to worry about it.Any thoughts?


  • mickeyrommickeyrom Member Posts: 936
    Thanks for the reply,very prompt too :)
    I didn't install the compressor myself.My mechanic did.he is a full time Chrysler mechanic who just does work on the side for me.
    He installed a rebuilt compressor for $400 total,but unfortunately that noise is still there,just diminished.I don't want to put a fortune in a 12 year old car with 155,000 miles on it,but as I bought it new I am somewhat attached to it.
    Believe me,he was not happy when I complained that some of that howl was still there.
  • joepeterson56joepeterson56 Member Posts: 95
    Had the same problem with mine, it stopped when the compressor seized up and snapped the belt! I would NOT listen to the mechanic at all if I were you. In my experience with all the Chrysler mini's I have owned, the A/C compressors seem to get very noisy over time, but USUALLY are not that easy to pin-point as the source of the noise. They can have you thinking it is a tranny noise or internal engine noise or power steering pump or rack noise. What id did find out after my last one blew & snapped the serpentine belt was that the replacements can be bad right out of the box and make noise also. But after changing mine twice, I did some more research and found the following info: Chrysler calls for the following specs: All Eng. w/ Front & Rear AC.. R-134a 46.00 ounces, & PAG-46 Oil 13.00 ounces
    All Eng. w/ Front AC Only.. R-134a 34.00 ounces, & PAG-46 Oil 9.00 oz.
    It is very important that you use the right amount and weight of PAG oil or you will blow the new compressor! Most parts stores do not have or give the proper amounts to install, and most times the PAG oil comes in individual doses of 8oz bottles! So, I suspect you have too little pil in your new compressor.
  • joepeterson56joepeterson56 Member Posts: 95
    Hi, Your welcome for the reply! I understand that a mechanic did the job for you. My point was that just because he is a mechanic, it doesn't mean the job was done right. For example, he went to the parts counter and purchased the compressor and the pag oil and the freon. He took what they gave him, and took it to the garage and did the job with what was given to him. Most parts countermen do not look up the specs as to how much oil or freon is needed for the job, and most parts places only carry and sell the PAG 100 and PAG 150 oil, in 8 ounces bottles. PAG oil comes in many different weights like motor oil does, and each compressor calls for a different weight and amount depending on the workload of the compressor which is directly caused by the type/or design of each vehicles cooling system. So, I still think he used either the wrong weight PAG oil, or not enough, whether he is happy about it or not. My experience also has proven to me that dealers, dealer parts department and dealer specific mechanics do not always do the job right, or just take for granted that when they order things for a job, they are given the right items to do the job right. Good luck, but I fully expect that if you decide to live with the noise, you will end up with a blown compressor and a snapped drive belt.
  • makninemaknine Member Posts: 5
    i agree with joepeterson56, and you may also want to ask your mechanic if he used the old a/c compressor clutch. most times i have found the compressor is fine, but the bearings in the clutch went, freezing up the belt and actualy catching fire. ask him if it was a complete assembly or if he had to use your old clutch. just a thought :shades:
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Member Posts: 936
    He says that there is nothing wrong with the rebuilt compressor, and refuses to do anything more about it.I am considering making by 12 year old ,babied and coddled Chrysler into a "clunker".
    Thank you for your input.
  • annaj1annaj1 Member Posts: 1
    How do I take the compressor out and put a bypass pulley. The compressor is at hard to reach area. How many bolts do I have to take out. Please help!
  • sazursazur Member Posts: 1
    I see that I'm not the only one ready to ring chryslers neck. My town and country touring is 2 years old, and I havn't had a working air conditioner for 2 summers now. My backup camera had to be fixed, my side sliding doors had to be fixed. It's been in the shop over and over because of the brakes, which still are making a lot of squealing noises. I see now there is also a recall for that now. There was a thumping sound coming from my left front tire this morning. My van now sits at the bank waiting for a wrecker because the key will not start the engine. I love all of the features my TC has and it's a beauty to look at, but when you buy a $34,000. new car, you expect to not have to deal with theese headaches, that is the reason I bought new. I owned a dodge caravan before this and had the same issues, I guess I should have known better. I wish ther was something I could do. My warranty will run out soon, and I'm very afraid of whats to come. :lemon:
  • jcdorseyjcdorsey Member Posts: 1
    The AC works for a short time when you turn it on and then the air turns warmer with time. If you turn off the AC and wait for a bit, then turn it back on it will be cold again and repeat the process. Any ideas on what it might be?
  • dale3nj8dale3nj8 Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2013
    Had the same issue, finally while at a gas station getting gas I asked the mechanic to just listen to the sound, told me it was most likely the upper pulley then used a crow bar to wedge it to stop and noise stopped. Took him 10 minutes to replace it with a used one he happened to have right there on his tool box. Cost me less than 20, gave him the rest for a tip was so happy. I MIGHT BE A WOMAN. But have worked on my cars for many years having 3 brothers. I had thought perhaps my serpentine belt was loose but many told me otherwise, well close, pulley under the belt loose. So there you go...OH BY THE WAY all the guys I knew swore it was the power steering. HAH, I knew that wasn't it. I know that sound too.
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