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Electric Fan Not Working

scootter1scootter1 Posts: 23
My sisters 01 Grand Cherokee electric fan isn't working.
Could it be a sensor, fuse or fan motor burned out. I don't know much about it except it has a straight six with one electric fan probably 100k miles.



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I would start by looking at the easiest fix - i.e.the fuse.

    Do you get any sound at all when you try the fan?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • lbrawdylbrawdy Posts: 2
    fan not coming fan moter works but when stoping 2003 jeep grand cherokee fan not kicking on
  • lbrawdylbrawdy Posts: 2
    fuse is good and jumped the fan and it worked
  • tbillsontbillson Posts: 1
    Just repaired mine on a 2001 GC. The fan should come on:
    When engine reaches or exceeds operating temp or
    When A/C is turned on.
    If you disconnected the connector down by the fan shroud, and applied 12 volts and the fan worked, it is the Fan Relay, which is located... under the plastic housing under the passenger side headlamp. Instead of removing the front bumper, everybody takes out the light by loosening the torx head screw on top of the light. Then you take a 3" hole saw and cut out a hole in the plastic housing above the relay to access it. Replacement units are around 25.00 Clean the area under the relay so it gets good ground. Use duct tape to seal it back up. If the fan when jumped does not come on it is the electric fan. Always get a lifetime warranty one from Taiwan. :)
  • The cooling fan operates when the air conditioner is on, regardles of whether the radiator temp sensor is activated. This is a big help to verify the fan, relay, wiring, and connectors are OK.
    In addition to the relay failing, the relay connector terminals often overheat and cause bad connection and no fan operation, requiring connector/and or relay replacement.
    The fan connector to the fan cable connector wiring crimps can be bad and again no fan operation (this is the connector beteen the radiator fan wires and relay cable).
    If you replace the relay, be sure to screw it back down to the fender as the fender serves as a heat sink. Stainless screws and adding thermal compound (available from RS). will improve thermal transfer from the relay to the fender.
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