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bad gas mileage, wonderful smells, and rumbling

irondonkeyirondonkey Member Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Oldsmobile
I recently bought a 1995 V8 Oldsmobile Aurora with 60k miles on it (apparently the previous owner was an old dude who didn't drive much). The car started out running great, but has since begun to rumble and shake every time the engine hits 1500 rpm. This only happens when the car is in overdrive; if the car is in third there is no problem.

The car also has started to smell like hot antifreeze after it has been driven for a while. The coolant level did get low once, so I put more in, and then flushed the radiator. The temperature gauge has never shown that the car was abnormally hot, and it seems to work.

And last, the car has an average gas mileage of 11.6mpg, which I do not like.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    aurora_man96aurora_man96 Member Posts: 1
    So far I''ve heard of Aurora's smelling like antifreeze but they have some rediator pipe that leaks either pressure or actual fluid.

    Mostly sounds like a tranny issue. I've been loving the gas peddle since I got mine last year *cough(129mph)cough* and it's been running fine at 174,200 miles. my average gas is 23.8, take the exhaust off, love the sound, and get 26.8 lol I hate EPA control. It robbs all engines of power and mileage.

    Your on your own buddy! Get that tranny looked at by a caddy dealer. The devil has the same motor, just an aluminum intake.
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    ohheyitsjesseohheyitsjesse Member Posts: 12
    edited June 2011
    irondonkey, if you ever read this...i hope you do...could you let me know if you got your car working properly again? contact me at jesse.mckown@gmail.com thanks in advance!
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