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2009 X5 V6 Low Power?

alaparosalaparos Member Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in BMW
I just test-drove an X5 with the V6 (2009). It had 3 people in it, probably hauling in at 600 pounds or so. Nothing towed. I also own a 2009 528xi and thus compare the X5 with it (same engine). OK, the X5 is a tad heavier, but...

The X5 did not jump off from stop. I didn't floor it, just a gentle push that on my 528 just causes it to go thru the gears nonchalantly. What truly disappointed me was the way it behaved going up a steep paved hill. From a full stop, it thought it was just fine lugging the engine creeping up the hill in 4th or 5th gear (couldn't tell). I finally had to blip the gas pedal to get it to downshift with quite an uncomfortable lurch.

I just drove my 528 up the same hill from a full stop. It clearly started up in 1st gear, went to 2nd, eventually to 3rd where it stayed until the hill got a bit less steep. Good performance and well engineered decisions on when to shift and to what gear.

Was something screwed up in the test X5's transmission or adaptive logic? I told the salesman the performance was inadequate, but he didn't seem to react and remained non-commital.

I tried to research this question on this and other groups, but nothing precisely hit it. If this is a dupe, pls excuse. Thanks in advance for any responses.

Gary in Upstate NY.


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    rrusso1rrusso1 Member Posts: 23
    I have a 2008 X5 and a 2008 535. The transmission on the 535 is far superior to the X5. The 535 always seems to be in the right gear while the X5 needs a quick push on the accelerator to get it to downshift on steep hills. It is especially annoying when you make a turn off a level road and immediately start going up a steep hill. You must hit the gas right away to get the transmission to downshift. Unfortunately this is the way the tranmission functions. I must say that the the good qualities of the car, especially on the road, far outwiegh this minor inconvenience. Hopefully BMW will correct this situation in future models.
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    roadburnerroadburner Member Posts: 17,496
    You must have stumbled upon an extremely rare prototype, since BMW has never sold a vehicle equipped with a V6 engine.

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