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Honda Pilot Sloppy Shift Lever

justdougjustdoug Posts: 2
'03 Pilot with 145k miles on it. The shift lever will select the gears but it suddenly became very sloppy and difficult to find the detent for each gear. It will slide down through all the gears with the lightest tug. Drives and shifts fine but is this a warning sign? I read the discussion about the transmission/drivetrain shuddering at 30-45 mph with light gas pedal pressure. Mine does that too. Is it time to trade it in? This has been a flawless vehicle otherwise.


  • I have an 04 pilot with 74k miles and I noticed today how sloppy my gear shift is starting to get. Have you found out what caused your problem? And if so, what did you do to get it fixed?
  • No, just learned to live with it. Everything seems to be working fine. I have about 180K on it now.
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