Toyota Avalon Water Pump Question

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Hello. I have a 2002 Toyota Avalon with 94000 miles. I just had the Timing Belt, Front Engine Seals, and Water Pump replaced (as preventive maintenance). The Toyota Service Tech told me that they change out your coolant when they replace the waterpump. However, I noticed today that the coolant container is only filled to low. I called the service tech at Toyota and inquired about this and was told that the container is simply an "overflow container and it is not necessary to fill this to the Full line." Is this correct or should I take the car back in and ask them to fill it to the full line. My bill shows that I was charged for a gallon of antifreeze. Please help. Thank you.


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    My opinion would be that if Toyota didn't want the container full, they wouldn't have put a full line on it. I would tell the Service Tech to quit trying to save the dealer money on antifreeze.

    If you still get an argument, ask him to look at the containers on new vehicles, they will be full!
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    That is a very good point and I wish I would have thought to say that when I talked to the service tech. Thanks for the advice. Greatly appreciated.
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    Today, as a precautionary step I replaced the timing belt, drive belts and water pump in my 2000 Avalon XLS at 69,000 miles. It cost $855.46, including an exhorbitant labor charge of $606.95.

    I asked the service tech about the coolant level and he said it must be filled to lower limit when the engine is cold. If not, when the engine is hot and the coolant expands it would spill over and create an unpleasant mess. His explanation makes sense and sounds reasonable so I'm inclined to believe him.

    By why does it cost so much to replace a timing belt and water pump? My daughter had the same things done to her 2002 Civic in Atlanta and it only cost $550.
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    Hello and thanks for all the information. I tested the theory by checking the level of my coolant in the morning when the car was cold and then again after driving the car for about an hour. Looks like your service tech is correct because the coolant container filled from low to about half way when hot. As for the cost, I paid 766.00 to have the timing belt, drive belts, water pump, and front engine seals replaced at the Toyota dealership (have an 02 Avalon). They told me that the labor is high because of the location of the water pump and belt. They said they have to remove a lot of things just to get to it. Good luck and thanks again for the info. It was very helpful.
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    I have a 03 Avalon w 92,000 mi. The dealer sys it needs a timing belt, cost $485.00.. Does this seem common and is the price seem reasonable.

    As I look through some of the other coments I notice the water pump is mentioned on some of the responses. Should I do a water pump at the same time?
    The dealer did not mention a water pump.

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    Hello Jack,
    I have an 02 Avalon. In May, I took it in to the Toyota dealer to have the timing belt changed because it had 93000 miles on it. They quoted me about 430.00 to do just the timing belt. But, they told me it was a good idea to have the water pump and front engine seals replaced at the same time because these are also very costly and would be a lot less if done at the same time as the timing belt. They said that it cuts down your labor cost because it is difficult to reach these items in the engine. I guess they have to remove a lot of things just to get to them. I'm not a car expert so I called a few other places just to make sure they weren't feeding me a line to get me to spend more money. Long story short. I had the timing belt, drive belts, water pump and front engine seals done for 766.00. Hope this helps. Good luck with your timing belt.

    Big Roz
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    Thank you,

    I'm going to take your advice and have it all done.

    Some years ago I had a timing belt done at the Mitsubishi dealer in my area on my son Mits 3000GT. 6 mo. later the water pump froze up and we blew the engine.I was told by everyone I spoke to after you don't do a belt without doing the water pump on a Mits. I don't want to go through that again.
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    what is the recommended interval for a timing chain replacement on the gen 2 avalon?
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    I just got off the phone with my mechanic my 07 rav4 with 55,000 miles needs a water pump and the labor will be expensive (1400) should the pump go this early
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    I have a1995 Toyota Avalon with 155,000 miles. Each time I have changed the timing belt at 60,000 miles at the dealer, I was told to change the water pump. The dealer has come and gone, but my water pump keeps pumping. When I reach 180,000 miles, I will think about it. My moto is, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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    Hello. It does seem a little early to change the water pump and very high on the price. I have an 02 Toyota Avalon and I did not change my water pump untill 90,000 milles. I was not having any problems with it and could have probably went longer before changing. The cost seems very high. I had the water pump, timing belt, and front engine seals all changed at the same time and it was only 750.00. And this was all done at the Toyota dealership. They said it was cheaper to have them done all at once because they are hard to get to and this would cut back on the labor of taking apart the engine three times to get to them. Good luck and hope this info helps.
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