Thule Fairing (Wind Deflector)

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We just bought a new Mazda 5. Haven't driven it much yet, but am looking forward to doing so. We have the sunroof, and just installed the Thule roof racks (aero bars). These are not the roof racks that Mazda sells, but the Thule aero bar roof racks we purchased from a private distributor. Love the roof racks, but have noticed we get a lot of wind noise when the sunroof is open.

I called Mazda, and they used to sell a wind deflector but say it is now discontinued. I next called Thule and they sell a "fairing" (wind deflector) which they say may fit.

I was wondering if anyone else had tried one of these Thule fairings on their Mazda 5's, and if so how you liked it? Also wondering if anyone else had installed the Thule aero bars and if so, did you run into the same wind noise issues with your sunroof open? Again, if so, did you come up with any other solutions to the wind noise issue?

Thanks for your help.


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    I bought the Mazda OEM square racks (which are made by Thule as well) and later on I got the 38in Thule Fairing. Wind noise is very subtle now. It is worth it and looks good IMO

    Here are the specs, got it from Sports Authority or some place like that with a gift card :D:
    Model: 871 (or 871xt if the 1st one is discontinued) - Fairing, Medium
    Size: 38 inches

    I don't have sunroof but I've seen it in Mazda5s with sunroof and there is no problem

    Here is a quick Google find:
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    The OEM rack and fairing were designed with the sunroof in mind, so my understanding is that the OEM fairing doesn't prevent operation of the sunroof. I do have the aero bars, and I read here that the standard Thule fairing mounted on aero bars WILL contact the sunroof, so I didn't bother buying one. You could test that if you have an REI, EMS or other Thule outlet near you. I also haven't driven the car with just the rack; I always have two Thule bike carriers mounted up there, and with those (bikes or not) the noise is quite loud.
    The rack equipment is pretty easy to install and remove, so if I weren't using the bikes for an extended period, I'd probably just remove the rack to help the noise and mileage.
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    Hello all, Is the thule aero rack the same rack Mazda is selling? I am a bit disapointed that the square one is so high, far from the roof, it looks cartonish with a cargo box on top.
    I know a lower one would interfere with the sunroof, but still I'd like it.
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    The Thule Aero rack is not the same as Mazda is selling, although the rack Mazda is selling is also made by Thule. However, the Thule Aero rack may not be what you are looking for, as it is about the same height as the rack Mazda sells. Both racks have the same load rating (160 pounds I believe) but the Thule Aero rack has some overhang which can come in useful. Hope this helps.
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    The Mazda wind deflectors for vehicles with moon/sun roofs is available again (on their site).

    I have the Thule Aero Bars installed on my Mazda 3 and I actually did install the Thule Fairing. It did contact the moonroof, so I returned it to REI. Without any fairing/deflector the wind noise is ridiculous with the moonroof open and I notice increased noise even when closed.

    Now that the Mazda wind deflector is available, I'm considering installing it. I'll see if the noise is reduced to a reasonable volume. If not I'll add the Thule fairing and see what happens.

    Has anyone else tried this solution?

    An aside, has anyone with Thule Aerobars experienced a whistling sound when driving in rain or dense fog? It seems water causes the whistling. It's a little annoying!!

    Have fun!
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    I am curious about the fairing too. I have a significant amount of wind noise. I own a non aero thule rack. I bought the factory mazda rack a discovered it was useless for my canoe.... too narrow.

    The thule bars make a pretty good howl on the highway. oh well.
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