Lexus LS 430 or LS 460

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Having my 2005 LS430 for almost five years and recently looking at the new LS460 I think the quality has suffered on the newer cars? Just little things. Plus some of the comments on wind noise and etc. on the LS460 makes me hesitant to pull the trigger on a trade.. Nothing wrong with my 430, just got the itch. Anyone else feel this way?


  • vchengvcheng Member Posts: 1,284
    I do too. I planned on holding onto my 2005 LS430 after driving the new LS460.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    My '95 LS400 is my "keeper".

    At least until there is an LS4x0H using the GSes V6 HSD system with the V6 adapted to FULL DFI and Atkinson.
  • rennyboschrennybosch Member Posts: 329
    I had an 04 LS430 (same as 05), and replaced it with the 08 LS460L. The 460 is a fine car, but the 430 was quieter and smoother. The 460 storage compartments are all a bit smaller. Its transmission has a tendency to shift jerkily (occasionally). The wind noise problem appears to have been fixed (mine never had that problem). The 460 has two nice features: The power trunk open/close, and the Stop Hold (when engaged, it keeps the car stopped even after you take your foot off the brake, until you step on the gas). Of course it also has more power and gears, but the 430 wasn't lacking in those. On balance, your 430 will probably age more gracefully than my 460.
  • mrsincere7mrsincere7 Member Posts: 40
    Can someone advise me? I have a 04' LS 430 Ultra. Lately I noticed a rattling noise coming from the right rear wheel. When I drive down the street it feels like the car suspension is teetering from front to back. I hit bumps and it feels like the car sways before it corrects itself. I even tried to push down each fender. That r/r fender definitely has more bounce than the other sides.

    Here's my question. Since I have the electronic air suspension, is there a shock absorber that can be easily replaced, or is it more involved, like replacing a special strut or special shock absorber for air suspensions???
  • carguyaycarguyay Member Posts: 24
    Yes I to have looked and driven almost everything since Sept 08. All Lexus maintance has been done. I am thinking about buying extended warranty. My dealer said Lexus doesn't offer one over 100,000. They offered me another warranty $1200 to $2200 depending on what I want. I may end up with a 2010 ES just not sure even with .09 % money until Sept 7th.
  • aklein2aklein2 Member Posts: 18
    I have driven the new 2010 AWD version of the LS 460. Have not yet driven the new LS 460 "Sport' and do know what to expect of it. My hopes for a new Lexus may depend on what it has to show me. My LS 430, Euro tuned, seems to me superior in every way to the LS 460 except gadgetry (nav, which I do not have), including such tiny but important details as the little sun-blocking piece over the rear-view mirror, dropped in the new LS and replaced by a bunch of ugly black mesh on the windshield, which cannot and does not work as well. Why Lexus gave up on the Euro-tuned suspension I'll never understand. My car, once belabored by critics as not sufficiently athletic, though they cannot have been driving the Euro suspension, easily out-handles the new AWD version, despite its variable suspension (which does not do much on the AWD -- though it may be different, and l hope it will be, on the new Sport version) on the firmest setting. Power is not delivered immediately when one tromps on the accelerator: there is a disturbing hesitation and lag. Pushing the ECT button doesn't do anything to improve this. Is this a function of the new eight gear transmission? Whatever. It is disorienting to me and very unwelcome. The whole car feels enormously heavier now (it is, of course) and cumbersome compared to what I have The AWD version also exhibits a much larger and therefore clumsier turning radius -- another negative feature. So, looking to replace a car with 86,000 miles on it, I am, so far, pretty disappointed with where Lexus has taken this once wonderful automobile and am thinking of keeping what I have for another big chunk of miles instead of getting the LS 460. Will anything offered by Lexus in 2011 or 2012 get to these issues? It has made me start to think of other marks (and my wife and I have been with Lexus since it got here a fair number of years ago), something I could not imagine doing before. I doubt that those German cars have anything to offer in terms of reliability (quite the contrary), are ridiculously more expensive up front, depreciate like mad, and do not seem to offer the level of service I have grown used to at Lexus. What a puzzle! Anybody out there have any hope to offer?
  • jimmyb0411jimmyb0411 Member Posts: 1
    To All; I have a 2001 LS430 Sport with 211,960 miles, and have been looking to trade up... or at least buy a newer LS460. I have driven the 2009, 2010 and 2011 LS460, I also have the same problem pulling the trigger on the purchase of the LS460 because the car isn't "in my opinion" a better car, and isn't that the reason we upgrade, for something better? I agree with most everything on this discussion and wish we were all wrong!!! Maybe there is hope that Lexus redesigns the LS460 in 2013, if not I will find a 2004 or 2006 with low miles and drive them (mine and a 2004/6 that i buy) until they die... and that might be a long time.
    I love my LS430 but if the LS460 was half the car the LS430 is, I would own one by now!!

    I sure hope Toyota/Lexus is listening... We want/need a good new drivers car, smooth, quiet, easy to operate, short turning radius, smooth transmission etc. new gadgets LS460/490!!
    thanks for listening guys...
  • johnpatjohnpat Member Posts: 1
    Own a 2004 ls430. Tried ls460 and ls460l. My car is smoother and quieter!! Why do you buy a luxury/comfort car? Most of it is in the wheels. It's simple physics. The lower profile tires of the ls460 will never give a ride as comfortable and quiet as 16" wheels that I have on my ls430. Let me make it clear. My car initially had 18" wheels that I exchanged for 16" wheels. Big difference! All ls430s are capable of switching to 16" wheels like were standard on the older 430s. The ls460s are not. This is what Lexus/Toyota doesn't get. I'm a baby boomer and I want a smooth, quiet ride above all else! I could give a flip about the "looks" of the lower profile tires. I experienced the same thing in my 2007 lx450, 18" to 16" wheels makes a big difference. I refuse to buy the newer models b/c of the rougher, noisier rides. What good is the ML sound system if you can't hear it well at 70-75 mph? WAKE UP TOYOTA. At least give us the option of 16"wheels.
  • bocatripbocatrip Member Posts: 194
    The 01-06 LS430 was a car that Lexus overengineered. It might go down as one of the best cars ever made by Lexus. All manufactureres have to make a profit, and we are already seeing in the entire lexus line areas that lose either quality of the parts themselves or eliminating something that we found necessary as in the rear trunk pistons on the 2013 GS350. I have driven the LS460 and would not replace it for my 01 LS430. If anything I might consider upgrading to an 04-06 for the refresh that most laymen don't even notice. Not all new cars improve with time.
  • blackpearl5blackpearl5 Member Posts: 1

    Own a 09 Ls460. Traded out the 05 ls430 with 18' tires because of excessive road noise on most road surfaces;the car looked much more beautiful than the ls430 with the tiny 16' wheel but noisier on the road. The LS460 is a more beautiful and stylish car and much quieter on all road surface with the 18' tires as was on the ls430---the upgraded Michelin primacy mmv4 were installed on both cars. I have the L version----one awesome car vs the ls430 in every way in my experience!

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