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Infiniti EX35 Rear Seat Legroom

intruder1intruder1 Posts: 5
edited June 2014 in INFINITI
Did Infiniti increase the rear seat legroom space in the 09 EX-35 compared to the 08 EX-35?


  • carjimcarjim Posts: 155
    You will have to hold out for the 2010, according to an article in Automotive News.
    The story said that Infiniti was losing sales to families. The original demographics for the EX was couples without children (or with small ones) and empty nesters like me.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Yes, the EX will not get an increase in both rear legroom and cargo room until the 2010 model year. I don't know how they are going to do it without making the EX longer than what it is, but both these items are badly needed!!!
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    well Infiniti updated their website for the 2010 EX35 the other day and it looks like they are doing nothing about the poor rear legroom in the crossover; it still list the rear legroom as 28.5 inches which is what it has been; I'm really disappointed because the rear legroom and no power liftgate were the reasons why I didn't even bother considering this car when my 05 FX35 lease was up; Infiniti better get their act together and get these two problems solved on this vehicle
  • Smarty666,

    I couldn't agree with you more. I love my EX35 but attempting to transport adults in the rear seat is unacceptable. Additionally, there is no logical reason to exclude a power liftgate. What was Infiniti thinking?
  • If rear seat legroom, power liftgate, and cargo space are important criteria, should you consider a loaded Murano? Luxury features like the Nav/Music Box, leather, etc are the same as the Infiniti's , but at a price comparable to the EX35. (and ~$10K less than an equivalent FX35). (I am only comparing the redesigned 2009 Murano, which started shipping in early 2008.)

    I know its not a luxury brand, but do you want the name, or the features? (Of course I bought a new Datsun in 1973, a 240Z which I still have, so my brand choices are probably suspect... :-) When I was looking at a loaded FX35 and a loaded Murano (last December) the only real difference I could see was the FX35 had cameras on all 4 sides, not just in the rear. And, of course, the Murano AWD is biased to a front wheel drive vs the EX35/FX35 rear drive bias. Otherwise they have the same leather, same great hard drive based audio system and nav system, dual moonroofs, power liftgates, etc. All the same goodies. (Well, except the Murano does have a power liftgate, which is my wife's favorite feature!)

    I think the EX35 is a really neat vehicle, a G35 SUV, so to speak, but when I looked at the size and luxury features I wanted, it was an FX35, but at better price. And the 2009 Murano was last December the top rated "mid size" SUV by both Edmunds editors and the Consumer Reports owner surveys, over all the luxury brand SUVs, including Lexus, Infiniti, BMW, Acura, etc.

    Just a thought.

    currently own a Datusn 20Z, a Nissan 300ZX, a 2009 Nissan Murano, and just scrapped a 1989 Nissan Maxima (the original 4 Door Sports Car. Which it wasn't, but which the G35 certainly is.)
  • .

    ""Datusn 20Z, a Nissan 300ZX""

    How is the rear seat legroom and cargo capacity in those cars!??! "Gee, I really wanted a Miata, but my soccer team and all their equipment just wouldn't fit!! So I had to buy a bus!! When will Mazda redesign the Miata to fit my team!??!"

    Leave the EX35 alone!! (Except for adding the 3.7L and 7-speed AT!!!) It is a 'sport wagon' for adults, those of us who don't want to drive with our knees in our faces just to have something sporty and fun to drive!! Room enough for shopping bags, but not shopping carts!! And, my wife and I don't need people yaking from the back seat all the way down the road!! There are way too many huge, 'roomy' buses available now!!

    Rear seat, I don't ride there! Cargo room, 99% of the time these huge pickups, SUVs, and vans are being driven around as empty as my EX!!

    I wanted a 370Z, or a new Camaro, or a Lotus, but I don't fit in the seats! I had a Ford E350 van, and a Durango, but they were too big, and empty all the time, (especially the gas tanks)!! The EX35 is just right!

  • I'm with you 14....Wrote my review for my 2010 EX but it got edited by Edmunds folks a bunch:

    What got axed was my opening speech that I wish people would start comparing it to applicable vehicles. Murano vs. EX35...not! Murano is mid-size SUV the EX35 is plush AWD sport sedan with a hatchback. If you need space don't waster your time figuring out how to squeeze everything in an EX35...get a Murano.

    If you want to compare vs. EX35...check out Audi, MB & BMW. Loved my Tribeca in WI but tired of the SUV ride...ouch! How fun and yet functional for my needs is the it!
  • Hi all,

    I am considering a new vehicle and short-listed to Murana, EX35 and Q5. I don't need the extra space so cannot rule EX35 out. But I do want good reliability and dependability and decent gas mileage since I fear that we may see $5/gallon gas in the coming year. Plus, regular maintenance costs like fixing some minor issues or a broken side-view mirror or new brakes, rotors.

    Murano SL + Premium + Leather package would be compared against the base EX35 or perhaps the Journey. The Infiniti is perhaps the same price as the Murano with the packages.

    Any views appreciated on this regard - if space isn't a huge deal, then what should I base my decision upon? Will one AWD perform better than the other in New England winters? Can I use 87 octane in both if I don't desire the extra power? EX35 has 16 mpg and Murano lists at 18 (both city) so Murano has a good 12% benefit.

  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    if you looking for reliability and gas mileage I would go with the EX35; the Infiniti will definitely have better reliability and better resale value then a Nissan will; in regards to gas mileage on paper the Murano is rated slightly better than the EX35, but after reading on hear and on the Murano discussions of what people are getting for gas mileage I think the EX35 is doing better in that regard

    also, after having a FX, and now having a maxima, I'm not entirely sold on the whole CVT thing with Nissan; there are many people, even as late as the 2009 model year having some transmission problems on the Murano and other Nissan models with them; I think they have worked most of the kinks out of the CVT but only time will tell how reliable they have become; the 7 speed automatic transmission that Infiniti is using so far seems to be really good, but I think the EX is still using a well tried and true 5 speed automatic!
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I agree that comparing the Murano to the EX35 is improper in regards to size and cargo capacity, I was just stating that there is no reason why Infiniti shouldn't put a power liftgate on the EX35 and for that matter the FX35, just like Nissan did on the Murano; for what Infiniti charges for the EX and FX that should be a standard feature just like Acura, Lexus, Audi, etc have on their SUVs and hatchbacks; for God sake if a cheap [non-permissible content removed] chevy Equinox and Traverse have it then a Infiniti should def have it

    both you and fourteen14 are nuts if you think that the EX35 rear legroom is acceptable in any regard; maybe for you who don't have families or don't ever have more than front seat occupants it works fine but the EX35 is billed by Infiniti to be a larger more spacious G37 sedan, except in cross-over hatchback form; the G37 sedan has rear legroom of 34.6'' while the EX35 has 28.5'' of rear legroom; for God sake the G37 coupe has rear legroom of 29.5''; you mean to tell me that a sport coupe has more rear legroom then a luxury crossover, give me a break; if your going to put that amount of piss poor rear legroom in a luxury crossover then for God sake don't put four doors on the damn thing when your freaking two door coupe has more rear legroom; that just shows you how bad the rear legroom in the EX is if the freakin G37 sport coupe has an inch more rear legroom then its much larger crossover hatchback counterpart; every professional review lists the rear legroom as the only con to the EX35 and having the smallest amount of rear legroom in its class compared to its Acura, BMW, Mercedes, and Audi competitors; I sat in one several times and even with the seats almost all the way up my legs were crunched up against the front seat and it was really freaking uncomfortable to sit in the back seat; why on a luxury crossover hatchback should passengers have to suffer with comfort?- they shouldn't have too

    now I don't want to complain about the overall size of the EX; I actually like the overall size of the vehicle and its dimensions and its cargo capacity is pretty good for the class of vehicle it is in; Infiniti is pretty clever and great when it comes to engineering and I think with some engineering ingenuity, they could increase the rear legroom without having to increase the EX's width and length so that they don't encroach on FX territory when it comes to dimensions
  • .
    Have you actually sat in an EX35, or are you just looking at published numbers??

    I am 6'-1" and 225#. With the front seat adjusted comfortably for me, but not all the way back, I can easily get into the rear seat and have enough room! My knees don't hit anything, I can sit up without hitting my head, and the seat conforms to my butt and back! :)

    PS: ""they don't encroach on FX territory when it comes to dimensions""
    The EX actually has o.4" more front legroom than the FX, and more rear legroom than a Corvette or a Viper!! :blush:

    PPS: If you like the G37 Coupe and Sedan so much, buy one, but leave my EX alone!! :mad:

    PPPS: With the wide opening rear doors I can conveniently put a lot of things, (that do not have legs), on the rear seat and floor of the EX!
    (We looked at a new Camaro. It took us 5 minutes to figure out how to move the front seat forward to get into the rear seat, and the salesman's strong arms to get back out!!!) :lemon:

  • Once again ditto to 14.

    My goodness Smarty...a bit touchy...I never commented on the rear leg room however you may be correct that I am nuts...but since you don't know me I would say you are "reaching".

    I did like 14 during my test drives, I adjusted the driver's seat got out and sat in the back seat. Knees don't rub against the drivers seat but your feet can't do the for my needs it functional. Compared to the wife's VW could camp in the back your opinion is just that...and all is relative.

    I would love it if more people bought Murano's vs. EX...makes people ask me "what is that, do you like it?" The reasons folks list why they love their EX are NOT because it is great for off roading, pulling the RV camping or hauling 18 rolls of insulation from Home Depot...but boy I really like my EX.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    just as your and fourteen's opinion is relative is as well; I'm sorry but the rear legroom is a design flaw in the vehicle and yes I have sat in the back many times, and even had a EX as a loaner car for a day and a half so after playing around with the seats I could not get it so that my legs were not touching the front seats when sitting in the rear so until Infiniti fixes it, no I will not leave the EX alone

    Infiniti is suppose to be working on the issue and as I said before, except the lack of a power liftgate and more rear legroom the EX is an absolutely wonderful vehicle inside and out; I especially like the ride quality on the EX after driving in the rock hard jeep jerking ride that my FX had for over 3 years it was nice to drive the EX with its much smoother ride
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    first off you twist my words just as you did before; I never said that the EX encroached on the FX territory when it came to dimensions; what I said, which you twisted was that Infiniti can add more rear legroom WITHOUT enlarging the entire vehicle up to fx dimensions; I like the overall size of the EX with its width, height, and length and wouldn't want Infiniti to make it any larger on the outside then it is right now

    and if you listened closely I said the only lack of space I felt the EX35 hard was in rear legroom; the rest of the vehicle, in regards to shoulder, leg, and headroom was decent; you act likely I'm saying the EX is a terrible vehicle and how many times do I have to say that its not; it has an excellent price, great technology, the best interior Infiniti has ever produced, a comfortable ride, comfortable seats, power rear seats, etc etc etc... how many more nice things do I have to say

    I've pointed out the things that I've liked about the EX and two small area's Infiniti needs to improve upon the EX; you are blowing this thing way out of proportion

    and by the way, my the hell would you be cross shopping a viper, corvette, and camaro with a EX35? talk about weird, your comparing high performance sport coupe with a luxury crossover hatchback? talk about comparing apples to oranges
  • .

    ""and by the way, my the hell would you be cross shopping a viper, corvette, and camaro with a EX35? talk about weird, your comparing high performance sport coupe with a luxury crossover hatchback? talk about comparing apples to oranges""

    ALSO, in the last year: the 370Z, Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon, STS-V, XLR and XLR-V, Camaro, both G37, Genesis sedan and coupe, Elantra Touring, Fit, Kia Forte Koupe, IQ, Lotus Elise, Miata, Prowler, and STI!!!! :blush:

    I enjoy 'bench racing' and shopping for what may be the very best vehicle for me! Each has a list of strengths and weaknesses. I could convince myself that each would be nice to own, enjoying the good and ignoring the bad, but I am allowed only one! To my mind, the worse phrase that I could utter would be: “Nuts! What I should have bought was …….!!”. Of all the cars listed, I have decided that, FOR MY CURRENT WANTS AND NEEDS, the EX35 rwd with Technology Package would provide the most rewards with the least penalties!!!! I shop by individual vehicle, not by type of vehicle, because all of the above are attractive to me in certain ways!! What I want is a very special car indeed! Outrageous power, beautiful looks, very small on the outside, very roomy on the inside, sporty but practical, with excellent gas mileage, coupe styling with an easy to use rear seat, a soft ride, excellent handling, quiet with loud dual exhaust, low priced, and high resale value!!!! I can not have all these traits, but by careful shopping and comparisons I can hopefully select the best compromise!!

    PS: This is why we have kept our Azera for 4 years and our Magnum for 5 years! Until now, we couldn't find anything that, overall, would be superior to what we already had!! (We are keeping the loaded Hemi Magnum as a future 'classic'!)

    PPS: Over the years I have owned everything from a Fiat X1/9 to a Ford E350 Van, and enjoyed them all!!

  • My guess:

    Between the engineers and marketing staff they had to put the rear seat somewhere. Could have moved the rear seat back further a bit and eaten into the meager storage area I'm sure...but maybe that means change roof line (taller). So then the marketing folks speak up and say they like the looks don't F with the roof line. So the final compromise is what it is.

    Infiniti's business decision was to keep the performance and cargo area as is...and we'll deal with the leg room complaints... but the people that are going to keep buying this are the ones that like the performance stuff more than the lack of space (for people and stuff) and see what happens.

    The EX is built on the G car frame so there is only so much they could do with the space compromises...10 lbs. in a 5 lbs. bag isn't going to happen. Or build a new frame instead of working with the ones they have....something in between the G & FX. I'm for that because I don't hold the company wallet.
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