Volkswagon Golf - Part Two

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Let's continue our conversation on this very
popular car! Someone is going to ask so I'll say it
now. The VI in the previous topic referred to the
Golf Model 4, not the 4th part of the Golf saga. I
hope that makes sense, if not, ignore it! ;-)



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    So. I agonize over whether to buy another Honda Civic (old one lasted 13 years without a problem) or a Golf.

    I buy the Golf.

    The day after I buy it I notice the automatic transmission is very jerky. It gives my girlfriend a headache. That's not relevant, but it gives the story a mood.

    I take it back to the dealer.

    They says "it needs a software reset". I say "reset that software!".

    Later they say "it needs automatic transmission fluid". I say "pour in that fluid!".

    Later they say "it needs a new automatic transmission". I say "this totally sucks".

    So I call VW of America and say "This is not what I paid for, give me a new car". They say "Warranty" and put in a new automatic transmission.

    Their view is understandable. and everyone in this story is very nice on the phone and probably a good person. In the end, however, I have a car that I don't have a lot of confidence in, already has a repair history to cough up when I sell the car, and generally dont want.

    Tough beans for me.

    Next time a Civic.
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    I got rid of my Accord Coupe to get into the GTI. It's built much MUCH better in my opinion.



    I'm pretty sure VW is spelled Volkswagen, not Volkswagon.

    - Anthony
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    On my 2001 GTI VR6, there is a knocking sound
    coming from the drivers side door/window. It
    really only happens over bumps and rough roads.
    Also, there is a rattle coming from the underside
    of the passenger seat. I moved the seat up (like
    someone is getting into the back) and you can hear
    the rattle whenever you move the seat around. It
    goes away when I put pressure on the seat belt
    latcher-thingy (do you know what I mean?? The thing
    you hook the seat belt into!) I tried tightening
    down the bolt that secures the latcher into place
    on the floorboard, but I really couldn't turn it
    anymore (I don't have the right tool). Does anyone
    else notice these??? Other than those two
    problems, the car is perfect!! Oh, the right front
    door panel vibrates and rattles whenever heavy bass
    is played. Is their an easy way to fix this?

    I just got EBC Green Stuff front brake pads
    installed today. It really stops the car much
    faster, and they don't have any brake dust!! It's
    a great thing to get. The pads for the front run
    about 100 bucks, and 50 for the rear.

    - Anthony
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    ...has cheaped out in the past few years. last time i got in a late model honda, i felt like i was in an aluminum refrigerator.
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    Thanks for the advice and the link...I will definitely check it out. Other than the crazy creaking, I absolutely love the car. Had two Acura GSRs before and swore I would only buy Honda, but the VR6 is tough to beat! Are you planning on any mods? What color combo did you get? I have always had "stealth" colored cars, but due to temporary insanity, I sprand for the Tropic Orange paint. I have never gotten so many compliments from total strangers, which completely surprised me! Thanks again for the advice!
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    What kind of creaks are you getting???? I only have one creak, and that's coming from the drivers side door when the window is up. Sure there is a little itty bitty rattle coming from the passengers seat, but I think I might have fixed that, I'm not sure. I love the car too!! It's just too much fun. And everyone is loves the car, no one seems to know what it is.

    - Anthony
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    I got my car last year its a Silver and Black Int
    GLS with Auto and Luxury Package. Here is the first 24,000 miles. 9 burnt rear left brake bulbs.
    Headlights missaligned took 4 trips to dealer to get right. The Windshild washer resevour keeps goin out dealer will make 5th atempt to fix.
    The power mirror control nob broke off replaced by
    dealer and The undercar engine cover came off twice. I love the car but the service is average
    I am wonderin what will go next and a little worried since the warranty will expire in 700 miles. Great car and fun to drive but begining to feel like the owner of a Cavalier .
    Just my two cents on this car.
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    adg44, you are so right! Working too fast again and no way to edit the title... Bummer!

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    The new & improved spelling is here. Sorry for the extra step!

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