Pontiac Grand Am GT Is Posessed

silvadsilvad Member Posts: 1
If anyone can help with this i would really appreciate it. I have an 02 GT that's posessed. The horn works sporatically but never when I need it. It will beep in the middle of the night as if I used the remote to lock it or when Im sitting at a red light, but not when I needed to get a sticker. That's when it doesn't work and they want to charge me almost $900,00 to replace it. It's not the relay or the switch. They have already been ruled out. The doors lock and unlock in rapid sucession while Im driving and the only way to stop them is to bang on the drivers door console. I have no blower for the heat unless I put it on high and my radio lost a few lights so I can't read the display. Im afraid to leave my keys in the car because sometimes it locks itself and other times it doesn't. Anyone else having any problems similar to these?


  • commander9commander9 Member Posts: 1
    I have a sound that sounds like the hazard lights are on by there is a constant clicking until I use my turn signals. Any Help?
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
  • nateyfz350nateyfz350 Member Posts: 2
    its a relay in the dash caused by your rear back up lower lights they got wet or shorted out
  • gina35gina35 Member Posts: 8
    i know this is an old message and hope u have had ur problems resolved. I have a 99 SE that locks me out..just out of nowhere i go to get in it and i have to climb thru the backseat..my power door locks dont work,which n this case im glad they didnt or i would of been n real trouble!My horn never goes off by itself but it may be doing that im assuming because of ur security system?? These cars have so many electrical problems..its insane! Also i cant see the display on my radio either..i've just been wingin it..also the volume knob on my radio is so erractic..i go to turn it down and it will go up..and of course the volume knobs dont work on the steering wheel(but the horn does! :) Do yourself a favor if u havn't already..sell it..unless u want to spend alot of money n repairs..good luck!
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