Clean water leaks from blower under Toyota RAV4 glovebox.

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Saw a post that was very close, but need to find the exact place to clean drain tube.

and thanks for looking.

2003 toyota rav4 leaking clean water frrom passenger side blower just under glove box.
Spoke to my brother who is a mechanic (several states away) and said to post in forum to get ideas on where the drain nipple/condensation hose is (that it is being blocked and causing the condensation to overflow/backflow - so I could diagnose, and probably clean/fix it myself. Problem is locating this system/hose/nipple with out tearing up all the carpet, etc...

Another post mentioned the roof rack, which I have but do not have a moonroof.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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    Skullguy....I have the same problem....I have a 2007 RAV4 4cylinder with no moonroof...leaking water on the passager side....right behind my glove box. My RAV4 makes a swishing\ noise when I make left turns. I tried to determine if the problem was with AC or rain water accumulating from the windshield but was unsuccessful. My RAV4 warranty just expired and I don't want to bring to dealer to repair....$$$$$. Any additional information or possible procedures\location to resolve issue is greatly appreciated.....
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    Wow, I did get a response on another forum which pointed out what/where the problems was. I HAD exactly the same issue you have, exactly, making a swishing noise, leaking water behind the glove box, etc... sucks!

    If you pull down the rug in the front area of the passenger side - you will see a rubber tube (on the left side at just below the rug) which is attached to a white plastic tube going through the floor board. - do not disconnect there yet.... I did and got a lot more water in the front passenger area. (Damn)...

    I put down a towel behind the right front tire, laid down to get under the car to look for the tube coming out of the floor. There it was... the white plastic tube then connected to another rubber hose that went into a clamp... I disconnected the rubber hose from the white plastic tube that ran through the floor board....
    Once that was disconnected, the water ran out, and geese, there was a whole lot of water... I was sooo relieved....

    Alas!!! I could see a spider had made a nest in the tube, which caused all the backup of water........ This may not be where your issue is, but it is clogged somewhere in that tube system, so if it isn't in the one outside the car, then it's in the plastic tube going through the floor board, OR the rubber hose in the car that this is connected to.

    So cleaned this out, and put the car in the sun with the door open to assist in drying out the carpet and pad underneath... I also sprayed the carpet with a disinfectant to kill germs and reduce the smell...

    Man, I hope this helps, I was really freaked out about this. I hope this helps.
    Let me know if you get this fixed or need any more info.

    Good luck, hope this works for you.
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    During the last two rains I have had rain water soak my poassenger side floorboards. See for the video I posted for Toyota to see. I went to a dealer here in Alberta they gave me a Technical Service Bullentin and told me that Toyota changed a seal set under the cowling, under the wiper blades. He said the part is only $22 and I can change it myself. They didn't offer to change it while the cowling was off, didn't offer to replace the cabin filter that was soaked, which I told them, didn't suck the water off of the floorboards...BUT they gave me a $101.64 invoice!!! Not even a kiss with that screw...I will look for this hose...mine is a 2006 Sport.
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    Please check this then or take this to Toyota service. Then let me know.

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    thanks for the tips. My 2006 RAV4 had also this problem last week. Based on your suggestions I got the tube out of the floor; blew air in using a foot pump and solved the problem in no time!
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    Fixed Leak in Rav4 AC condensate water on the floor !! All it was - a plugged by spider nest or coocoon drain rubber hose. Apparently if it gets plugged (even partially) the drain water will find its way out through the blower fan assembly, which is right behind and above the center console.

    Pull the hose out and either flush it or run a wire thru it.
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    I pulled back the rug and the hose was disconnected --- which should solve the problem as I reconnected it. I couldn't get under the car to see what was what under there. Thanks - as we need the A/C!! This was very helpful...
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    I had the same problem of a wet floor mat on front passenger side, traced back to AC condensate backing up into the plastic housing below and to left of glove case.  Fixed it by 1st pulling the drain tube out of the floor and vacuumed the tube end with a wet/dry vac.  That removed bug debris, and the reservoir quickly drained.  The only new information I can offer is that I traced my problem to an improperly installed in-car air filter behind the glove case.  I had that filter replaced a month ago by the ship that changed my oil.  The air filter had been crushed into the receiver and that allowed debris to get in and through the blower located just below the filter.  And guess where the debris ends up? At the bottom of the condensation resevoir, right where the AC drainage tube connects.  

    I would recommend NOT blowing any air through the end of the drain tube while it's connected to the white plastic reservoir. Instead of removing the debris, you would just force it further up through the air duct that leads toward the blower.  That's a perfect recipe for plugging the AC drainage tube all over again.  Better to vacuum the end of the drain  tube to remove debris out of the reservoir and duct.

    So if you have a plugged AC drainage tube, you may want to check your in-car air filter to make sure it's installed correctly.  

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