Infiniti QX56 Dealer Warranty

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Should I pay for this? Has anyone? My four year just ran out.
and does anyone know how to reprogram your home in the navigation system. My husband loaded us in the wrong spot as we left the dealership four years ago...can I change it?


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    I bought an extended warranty on my 2004 QX and with only 26,900mi on it, I'm being told that the air conditionong lines that run to the rear have been corroded by road salt and the warranty does not cover this ! A $1000 job to replace them !
    I have called Corporate Customer Service and will see if they can fix this . This seems to be a design flaw in an AWD vehicle sold in the Mid Atlantic with only 41/2 yrs and low miles on the road ?
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    Hi: I have a 2006 QX56 that is about to expire on warranty. I have contacted various Infiniti Dealerships throught the country trying to find the best deal on the 3yr./ 36K extended warranty with $100.00 deductible. The best price that is verifiable is $1680.00. Does anyone recommend a dealership that has a better price? I also know regardless where you are located, you can buy it from any Infiniti Dealership throughout the country. I am not interested in any 3rd party Warranty Contracts, I only want it through Infiniti. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    My 2006 infinity that I just purchased vibrates over and aroun d 100mph! Although I shudnt b driving that fast I still had to test it out is that normal or another flaw with the suspension? I'm very pleased with the overall quality except for feeling very unsafe not knowin if that is normal! I also never owned an suv till now! Please advise and thanks to whoever replies!
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    Can anyone advise me in reference to the exact warranty offered when u purchase an new infinity(years and miles) my 2006 qx56 has 42k miles and I'm wondering when that expires thru dealer
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    yes you can get it from any dealership (Infiniti) call and see what the best offer, also look in the NICO forums for infinitis and you should find great infomation there.
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