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08 crv bad ac smell and bumpy ride

tornadogtornadog Posts: 54
edited April 2014 in Honda
Bought my 08 crv in december 2007. Of late I have been noticing bad smell from the ac ducts when I start the car in the morning. It usually lasts a few minutes till the air starts circulating, but of late its becoming longer. its kind of ammonia-ish smell. Other thing is I feel my ride to be very bumpy. Even on freshly laid roads, i can feel every small bump. also when i place my pen or phone on the tray between the front seats, it rattles badly. Also on turns the car feels kinda wobbly and I almost fear it will topple over if i didnt brake fully. Another thing is, my MM has not come on since I bought it. Its been 18 months and 17000 miles. my oil life is at 40% and whenever i call the dealer they ask me to wait till it goes to 15%. I am taking it to the dealer today. what can i expect? I am not a car person, so help me understand why these 2 problems r happening?


  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    I'll leave ac issues to the dealer. As to ride, well, the CR-V has a short wheelbase--the distance between front and rear tires. Its ride is going to be bumpier than most passenger cars. But . . . maybe your tires are over inflated. That would make it worse. Check the tire pressure.

    As to turns feeling tippy, well, it's an SUV. It's higher off the ground and isn't going to corner like a car that's lower to the ground. I have to slow down too.

    Yeah, my MM didn't suggest an oil change until long after I thought I should have one. You must do a lot of freeway driving, which extends the interval of oil changes. But, the owner's manual says you should change the oil after 12 months of driving even if the MM isn't saying it's time for one. I suggest you read the manual.

    Good luck.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I just skimmed the 2008 Honda CR-V manual (pdf file) and I don't see anything about running in fresh air mode after operating the AC.

    Maybe you can take a look and show us where it says that? Thanks.
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