Volvo XC90 Start Problems

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It happens randomly. When I turn the key to position III (ignition) the car doesn’t start. All lights turn ON, but the starter doesn’t even click. I have to turn key off, wait few seconds, turn the key again and HOLD it in III position for 5-10 seconds. Sometimes it starts from second-third try. Does somebody have same problem? Thanks


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    Sounds like the security chip in the key isn't communicating with the car.
    There is a reciever in the steering column that sometimes goes bad.
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    This happened to me also, but that was a battery problem. Thats what my mechanic told me.
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    Added this to another thread - I am out of town, the key will not turn past position I/II. I can turn on accessories, radio, etc, but that is it. It will not turn to Position III to start engine. I have checked every fuse, re-set car battery and key battery. Any help would be appreciated before I have a 100 mile tow. I do not have a second key with me. It also could be something more serious such as switch.
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    its 05 has 70k miles. everything is fine except little concern about when i start the car. not every time now, just like over night or after a while not like couple hours later. ok when i start the car there is this squicky noise in the front comes on more like belt or something. but it will stop like after 4sec or so. but seems like belt is fine cuz it's been just replaced. does anyone have idea??

    also one more question: i have this message tells me on display " Coolant low, stop engine"-- what do i need to do? also " time for regular service"--??

    please help i have no knowledge about any car.
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    well, low coolant message should be pretty self explanatory. You are low on coolant. What should concern you, however, is why. You've either leaked it or burned it. Neither is good.

    The service message is telling you to get your oil changed.

    How many miles did it have when you bought it?

    As to your noise, it is quite possibly the auxiliary air pump. They can be a bit noisey. It doesn't necessarily mean anything. If it gets worse, then you might worry.

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    Similar problem. Key will turn to position I but no further. Can move the steering wheel but not the gear shift. Checked fuses and all. No success. Did you get an answer to your problem? What was the fix?
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    Sadly, it was the Ignition Switch that went out. I was covered under warranty thankfully. But a big hassle. We were out of town. They gave a loaner to drive the 11 hours back home. The part comes from Sweden. No parts in the US. Took a week to get back. They trucked it back to our house. Most likely your problem too. Good luck. Insist on a free loaner.
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    Did you ever fix the issue with your xc90 im having the same issue and im wondering if you ever found out what the issue was. Thank you for your help......
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    I did get the issue resolved but it was a pain. The ignition switch went out, and the parts are only available from Europe at Volvo's main warehouse. So, it took almost a week to fix. We were out of town (500 miles from home). The Volvo dealer in Des Moines gave us a loaner to drive back east, then they had the car transported back to our house. Fortunately it was covered under warranty, so I'd hate to think about what it would have cost us to pay ourselves.
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    Did you get resolution on this one? My XC 90 started this yesterday and I can't get past I position. Was it also the ignition switch?
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    Yes, it was the Ignition Switch. I was still covered under warranty so it was no charge. But the part is only available in Sweden, so it took a number of days to get fixed. A hassle for us since we were 500 miles from home. Dealer provided a free rental that we drove home in, then they trailered the car back to us about a week later. But sounds like the same issue we had.
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    code cem 1A62 and cem E-000 what can cause this code
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