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I've seen discussions on here and elsewhere where people seem to think that Hyundai may discontinue the Azera. This is the only reason I haven't bought one yet (I'm expecting that if they are discontinued that the price will fall). Last night I visited (again) Hyundaiusa.com and noticed that the "build your own" feature works for all models except the Azera. Has anyone else had this experience?


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    There's no reason to believe that. You should register with the Hyundai Think Tank and you'll learn of new and exciting things that lie in wait for Hyundai. The Azera is indeed going to remain in the Hyundai stable. From what I've read before, the Azera will be the first car to get the new 6-speed Hyundai-made transmission and then it will find its way into the Sonata, Veracruz, Santa Fe and possibly the V-6 Genesis.

    This should be interesting, I was browsing around and came across this new concept vehicle for Kia codenamed VG. If you don't see the Azera/Genesis lines in it...you're ether in denial or blind. Maybe this should be some indication of the direction of the future Azera as well.

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    Allmet, you'd better tell us about it yourself. I just got rejected for access to the Hyundai Think Tank based on my age and occupation alone.

    By the way, the new Amanti has been widely showcased on other websites, including interior shots. I'm just not sure if it will come to America only as a Kia because of the Genesis sedan. Whaddaya know?
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    Funny thing...I was able to register, but I haven't had the time to sign on during one of their sessions. There's a couple of posters that have and they put some good info on here. Try registering again, change your age and occupation and see if it lets you in. I'm 38 & and IT Specialist and I had no problems registering.

    Kia will have it's own flag ship as Kia has been working to branch off from Hyundai in terms of design and styling. I think Kia's market will be the hip younger crowd.
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    Where did you guys to go to sign-up? Google (Bing for me) turned up http://hyundaithinktank.com and I didn't see a place there to sign up.
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    Shut out again: "Sorry, but you have already taken qualification once."
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    Apparently Hyundai does not want to hear from you if you are over 50, retired or do not have a "professional" job with high income. I have heard that many people who got in actually falsified their information which means their "population" is not what they think it is.
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    Oh well. Like Groucho, I'm probably better served not to be in a club that would have someone like me as a member. :P
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    Yep, old and retired evidently means you're best suited for euthanasia, as far as this Asia-n company believes!... :shades:
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    My feeling is that Hyundai/Kia are aligning to become the Lexis/Toyota
    of South Korea with Hyundai the Lexis class and Kia the Toyo competitor.

    The Kia Optimia has the same dimensions as the Camry. I saw a new one the
    other day in Maroon and it was a sharp looking car.
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    Yeah...the Optima was always the Kia version of the Sonata.

    It would make sense to do that since both brands are already established. Hyundai could eliminate the Accent, Elantra, Tiburon & Tucson and start their stable with the Sonata.

    Sonata, Azera, Genesis Sedan & Coupe, Veracruz, Entourage & Equus...a very good line-up to have for the premium line.
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    I'm no expert, but from what I read there is a lot more difference between Hyundai and Kia vehicles. They really do not share that many components. Also, Hyundai only owns part of Kia, not the whole company.
    Having the two split as you advise would only work if the same dealer sold both brands and right now that is not going to happen. Hyundai will not allow their dealers to sell Kia's and vice versa.
    To make it today, the dealer needs to sell a full range of cars. That is why Chrysler and GM are consolidating dealerships. Also, why many Toyota dealers own the Lexus next door, Audi owns the VW next door, etc.
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    As of late there may be more differences between Kia & Hyundai vehicles with Kia going in their own direction, but for the longest time...they were the Korean Ford/Mercury. They probably wouldn't sell them on the same lots because the cars are so similar...don't you think? I mean...the Amanti is the mechanical twin to the Azera (it used to be the twin to the XG350). The Sonata's twin was the Optima...at one point, the interiors were almost identical.

    I'm curious to see what differences the upcoming Kia VG will have in comparison to the Genesis.
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    Amanti is not twin of Azera. For one, different suspensions. Interiors, instruments, audio, etc are different.
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    Dude...for real, stop being...nevermind. The Amanti and Azera are related mechanically speaking. The suspension isn't that much different than that of the Azera, the powerplant & transmission...are the same.
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    Allmet, as you understand it, is it certain there will be a U.S. version of this car sold as a Hyundai?
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    tonycd...yes, absolutely...that is my understanding.
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    I think we can be comfortably secure that a 2010 model would come. Infact, if you look at Hyundai's site, they show that a 2010 Veracruz is going to be available.

    If a car like Veracruaz, which sold in far far fewer numbers than Azera, could survive, I don't see why Azera wouldn't.

    I don't want to start another food fight here, but Hyundai wants to be known as a carmaker with a full lineup. So, they can't drop out of the entry-level lux dept so fast. It would leave a big big gap between Sonata & Genesis.

    However, 2010 might be the last year for the current body style. Shots of new 2011 Sonata look stunning & I am sure those design cues would follow into 2011 Azera.
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    Thanks, Allmet.
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    I would have to agree with wobbly_ears...the 2009 model year was a refresh over the '08. So it would most likely go into '10. With the Genesis receiving a refresh to make it look a little more like the Equus, the Azera would probably get something of a re-fresh so that it shares similarities with the Sonata. Just a guess on that though.
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    I am considering a used 2008 Azera, both front door body side moldings are open, looked like unfinished on the back end towards the door opening. Would both sides break or were these moldings replaced and cut to fit then not finished on the ends?

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    Edscrz...pictures would really help with this, however...if you're buying it from a dealer, I would either negotiate a lower price for the fact its an issue you'll have to take care of, or give the dealer the opportunity to correct it. You can also look at taking it to a Hyundai dealer and getting it fixed under warranty as I'm sure by it being an '08 that some of the OEM warranty would still be in effect.

    If you're buying from a private seller, negotiate the price based on what you feel you'll have to spend to correct that issue.
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    Is it true that Hyundia will not produce or sell the Azera after 2010?
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    I saw one in the dealership today. It has a fin-type roof antenna cover, hiding the GPS and XM radio antenna. No other major differences.
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    The Edmunds New Car site (the one that shows MSRP, Invoice, and TMV pricing) shows the 2010 Azera with 8 exterior color options versus the six that were offered in 2009. Espresso Pearl, Silk Beige Metallic, and Venetian Red Pearl are new for 2010. Metallic Blue Pearl which was offered in 2009 is not available for 2010.

    BTW, I remember one member in another discussion who said "...there will be no more Azeras beginning in MY2010." I'm glad she was wrong.
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    BTW, I remember one member in another discussion who said "...there will be no more Azeras beginning in MY2010." I'm glad she was wrong.

    There were a few predicting the demise of the Azera after the '09 model year. They were simply the ones that seem to think the Azera is one of the most dreadful cars on the road today.
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    Yep, they would love to see nothing but elimination of every Hyundai model from Elantra & up. Helps them with their interpretation of what a 'real' automaker is.

    Btw, I have also seen a 2010 Azera on dealer lots here in Houston.
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    Considering Hyundai is ranked in the top 5 as an automaker...that in itself should offer substance to the fact that Hyundai is indeed a 'real' automaker. Some are just in denial and forget that Honda & Toyota both didn't have pristine starts here in the U.S. I mean...the term "[non-permissible content removed] crap" came about becuase of the poor quality that was put into the early models coming from Japan. However, they stuck with it and realized they had to improve quality if they planned on sticking around and flourished over the years. Hyundai is doing the very same thing, and it drives the Japanese stalwarts crazy that a supposed inferior S. Korean automaker could possibly offer legitimate competition. With this planet growing smaller on a daily basis, with playing fields being leveled because of accessibility to technology or the people that create it...why is it so far fetched to believe? Personally...I love it!!! :shades:
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    Hyundai gained a lot of respect from me when they made safety features like ESC, Traction Control, EBD, BA & side curtain airbags etc standard on a family sedan like Sonata. If you remember, back in 2004-2005 only few luxury cars had them standard & supposed family sedan stalwarts like Honda & Toyota had them only as very expensive options. How many Honda Toyota customers bought those expensive options?

    I am a transportation engineer by trade & my whole livelihood depends on making trying to make roads safer. We look at accident reports quite frequently & I have become very conscious about the safety features & crash test ratings. Many accidents could have been prevented if even a lowly ABS had been present in cars.

    It is easy to entice customers by adding superfluous things like better audio systems or leather. But adding things like Traction Control & ESC requires a lot of engineering effort. Hyundai did that & made them standard on Sonata. When a supposedly lowly upstart could do it, why those so called giants couldn't?

    I will always have respect for Hyundai to upping the safety game for family sedans. I doubt Honda & Toyota would have upped their standard safety equipment on Camry & Accord if not for Hyundai.
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    Wobbly...I'm there with you. I was a '96 Camry owner until it got totalled in an accident. I went to look at the '02 Camry when it first came out and priced one out...total came to around $23k. A buddy of mine mentioned the '02 Sonata to me and initially I frowned upon it, but I went to look anyway. Well...took one for a spin and found it was highly comparable to the Camry and optioned out to match the Camry I had looked it...the Sonata came in at just under $18k. That deal was hard to walk away from and the next 4 years/105k miles surprised me and built my confindence in the Hyundai brand name. I owned an '87 Excel and let me tell you...the difference is beyond night and day.
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    Agree completely, and when safety items are optional, they are often very difficult to find. Dealers order, and carry in stock, cars that they think will appeal to the average buyer. Sadly, most people would rather spend extra money for an upmarket stereo or sunroof than ESC or ABS. Heck, there are still people that won't use a seatbelt - they're sure not going to be impressed by hi tech safety systems.
    It's not like the old days where you could order exactly what you wanted and get it in 6 weeks. Purchases now are searches and compromises. Auto websites all have the " Build Your Own " feature, but once you've build it, you can't find it. I "built" a Passat wagon last year, but the configuration could not be found in the entire country.
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    Got a good look at the 2010 Azera this past weekend. Looks like the 2009 with the exception of a larger XM antenna. I do like the grill they put on the 2009 and 2010, getting ready to order one for my 08. It really makes the front stand out IMO. Still putting on the Michelin Energy Plus MXV4 that I will be replacing very shortly, to noisy for my taste. Just made a 650 trip with 28-29 MPG, made my day.
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    The latest I heard from my Hyundai dealer is that while there may be a 2010 Azera, The coming new Sonata will be larger and plusher and will apparently cover both the Sonata and Azera market.
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    I dont know....The 2011 sonata will only be available with a 4 cylinder(198-200hp). Eventually a turbo 4 will be offered but the 265hp Azera is a sweet ride.

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    jaymagic, you must mean a 2011 Azera, the 2010's are on the lots. Only word so far is that the 2011 Sonata will not offer V-6's, but it does look good.
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    Actually SilverBullet00...there is not word that the Azera will make it to 2011. It was heavily speculated earlier this year with the dropping of the Genesis, that the Azera wouldn't make it to an 2010 model year. Something is telling me that 2010 will be the last model year of the Azera.

    Jaymagic...I have been told the same thing about the upcoming Sonata, that it would actually be better than the current Azera. That being said, if the Azera were to come back in '11...it would have to be totally revamped and basically be a FWD version of the Genesis 3.8.
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    if the Azera were to come back in '11...it would have to be totally revamped and basically be a FWD version of the Genesis 3.8.

    If it does come back for 2011, it will be based on the same platform the new Kia Cadenza will be built from.

    http://www.autotropolis.com/auto-industry-news/kia-unveils-2011-kia-cadenza-seda- - n.html

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    Tenpin...yes, I have seen the unveiling of the Cadenza (where do they come up with these names). It's based on that new VG platform...which is actually the sister platform on which the current Azera is based on. Considering the Kia version will be offering AWD, maybe that's one of the upgrades that will go on with the Azera should it stick around beyond 2010. Also...if AWD can be offered on a car such as the Cadenza, then that would mean there's hope that the Genesis and possibly the upcoming Equus could also offer that feature as well.

    However, back tracking on my statement about the Azera not making it past 2010...I found this little blurb in Wikipedia on the Kia Opirus (Amanti)...

    "The Kia VG concept (Kia KND-5, production model named Cadenza) was reported to be successor of Amanti, based on the platform for the next generation of Hyundai Azera."

    So maybe that would mean that the upcoming Azera would be set apart from the Sonata by offering features like AWD, LED headlight surrounds, heated & cooled seats, extendable seat cushions and other features that the Cadenza will offer.
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