2008 Caravan Back Bumper problem (unglued)

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My 2008 Gr Caravan's back bumper cover is sticking up in the center - it seems like it has come unglued(?). It sticks up so that sometimes it is hard to open the gate without holding the rubber down, and there seems to be new sections coming unglued as well. I have noticed this issue on other 2008 Dodge Gr caravans while driving so I wondered if this was a commom problem. We are returning our van in Oct and our dealer said the problem was caused by an accident on the bumper and of course wants to charge us to fix it.


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    Depending on the area of detachment, it should be fixable using a good automotive silicone adhesive, I would think.

    Either remove the whole piece, clean thoroughly underneath and reglue, with a weight on top for curing, or just clean as much as you can under the detached portions and squirt the adhesive and cover with a flat weight while it cures.

    $10 and some elbow grease and you are done.

    If you feel uncomfortable doing this, a good third party shop can do this repait for much less than at the dealer. Maybe 50-100 bucks, depending on area, in this case.
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    My back bumper is coming unglued as well. I think that the door is even creased as I was pulling trying to get the hatch open before I realized why the door wouldn't open. My 2008 Caravan has not been in an accident and there is no way I am going to pay for this repair. I see lots of these vans with the same problem.
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