Lincoln Town Car interior lights

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My 93 TC interior lights don't turn off when I close the doors. They remain on while I'm driving. Can anyone offer some help.


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    Turn the Black headlight switch clockwise to the right. It may be all the way to the Left which keeps the interior lights on. No need to pull on the Black knob, just turn it.
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    Thanks, but I did check that and even changed out the entire switch and the lights still are staying on. What else could it be?
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    I was told by a mechanic that the censors are in the latch on the rear of the doors, where they grab the pin at the door jamb. He said this was a common problem. He said spray a lot of penetrating oil into that opening consentrating on the area nearest the edge of the door. I've tried it on my 1998, so far it hasn't worked but I haven't given up yet. It may be something else, but worth a try and not expensive. My "door ajar" light also stays on. The solution the previous owner did was remove the interior bulbs. Not the greatest but, it eliminates killing the battery.
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    I am having the same problem on my 1998 LTC. Has your problem fixed itself with the penetrating oil? I will try this tonight if I get a chance. I pulled the fuse this morning. Really don't want to remove the bulbs. Thanks for any help.
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